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Mumbai-based indie pop band, The Colour Compound, released their debut album, From Where We Stand, last month. The album marked a change in sound for the band, consisting of vocalist Rohan Mazumdar, guitarist and vocalist Bradley Tellis, bassist Adil Kurwa and drummer Aditya Ashok.

“We started writing material for this album in early 2013. Then a lot of changes happened in terms of sound,” says Mazumdar. “We were also not happy with some of the material. So, by the latter half of 2013, we reworked the album and started recording it. We had released a single, ‘Turn Back Time’, a little before the release of the album. The response we got from people regarding the single made us realize that this was the right time to release the album. Honestly, we did not expect the response to be so good,” says Mazumdar who also sings in Baycity Lights.

The band came into existence in early 2010 and their 2011 debut EP, Sincerely Yours, established them in the independent music scene in India. Sincerely Yours was more a compilation of songs ranging in different genres and having lyrics that were not focused on a particular theme. Ranging from alternative rock to indie rock to pop, the EP showed the band experimenting with their sound. With From Where We Stand, we can see that the band has established their sound which gives the listener a very easy listening vibe, immensely helped by the vocal harmonies layered over melody driven guitar lines. “We found ourselves coming back to making songs that are easy to listen to and sing along. We are very relaxed people and so we make music that makes you feel good while listening to it,” says Mazumdar. “This is what comes naturally to us and our album reflects this very aspect. We had put out Sincerely Yours just to announce to the world that we had arrived. At that time we were still in the process of discovering our sound. Then, as we played as a band, we eventually understood the USPs of our members and established a sound that we all agreed to,” he says.

Alongwith the sound, the band has kept the lyrics of the album simple too, yet with elegance. The basic lyrical theme of the album is life in general and the individual tracks focus on various experiences that life offers to us, how we take those experiences and what we learn from them. “When I write the lyrics, I just focus on what exactly I am feeling at that moment and the words just come out,” says Mazumdar. “For example, ‘Turn Back Time’ is about how we spent our childhood in the arms of our mothers, how life takes its turns and as we grow up, we find that love and care missing from our lives with many things being messed up. The song is a reflection of what I was feeling at that moment when I wrote the song,” he says.

The band has performed at major music festivals such as NH7 Weekender and Ragasthan but they haven’t played any live shows before the release of their album. “Now that the album is released, we will focus more on live gigs and travel to different cities to perform. But first we think that we should let the album sink in a bit more among the listeners,” says Mazumdar. “Once that happens, it will be a lot more fun to play those songs live. Apart from that, we are currently working on two yet untitled singles which we will release in a few months time,” he says.

Album Available here –>>
Source : Pepsi MTV Indies 

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