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Tomi Lahren goes in on Beyonce and Jay Z


Three days after what appears to be one of the most talked about Halftime Shows in Super Bowl history, Beyonce continues to get her name slandered for what some felt was an “attack” against law enforcement. The latest to express their disinterest in the “Formation” performance is online news host Tomi Lahren, who bashed Beyonce for choosing to celebrate “a group that used violence and intimidation to advance not racial equality but an overthrow of White domination.” “They didn’t believe in change through peace – they promoted violence instead. So Congratulations, Beyonce. You made your statement, you should be proud of yourself,” Tomi added sarcastically.

During the “Final Thoughts” clip Lahren also claims the “privileged” singer did it just “to get attention.” She then compared Beyonce to other prominent figures in Black culture who “just can’t let America heal” before pointing the finger at Jay Z. “Your husband was a drug dealer,” Tomi pointed out. “For 14 years he sold crack-cocaine – talk about protecting Black neighborhoods. Start at home.”

WTF? This Girl Is Going Viral After Sharing Her Thoughts On ‘Radical Islamists’

This Girl Is Going Viral After Sharing Her Thoughts On ‘Radical Islamists’



Before stumbling across this video, I had never heard about YouTube channel ‘On Point with Tomi Lahren’, but like myself, plenty of people are currently discovering it.

It’s mainly due to the girl in question, Tomi Lahren, and her ‘Red, White, Blue & Unfiltered’ thoughts on current affairs, and in this case specifically, ‘radical Islamists’ – a subject that fueled her latest rant and helped her rack up over 300,000 views in a very short space of time.

Obviously, it doesn’t take a genius to understand that an attractive young blonde woman discussing a controversial topic like this one is going to rack up some serious views, but Lahren in particular doesn’t hold back, and she has got everybody talking…

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