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Kendrick Lamar rips a vicious freestyle over Biggie’s “The What” beat, and he takes no prisoners.


Kendrick Lamar dropped by Big Boy’s new show “The Neighborhood” this morning to wax poetics on his upcoming album and recent Grammy awards.  While there Kendrick laced a few iconic Notorious BIG instrumentals with more than a few notable bars.  Watch out for the prolific rappers’ sophomore album set to drop March 23, 2015.

RIP Biggie.

i – Kendrick Lemar


Kendrick Lamar
Prod. by Rahki
• Mixed By Ali

There’s some music I’ve been listening to that I haven’t really been talking about. I haven’t been listening to any rap for the last six months. I bought the whole Isley Brothers collection. I know all these songs, because they were playing in my house growing up,” he said, “but I didn’t know what I was singing … Now, I realise they were talking about some serious relationship shit – being in love, being out of love … They were on some grown shit. – Kendrick Lamar

Chris Brown’s “Autumn Leaves”, Featuring Kendrick Lamar


One last preview before ‘X’ hits next week

Chris Brown‘s new album, X, his 6th LP, hits stores this coming Tuesday, and here’s your final preview of what’s to come. With “Fine China”, “Loyal”, “New Flame”, “Don’t Think They Know” and “X” all out and in full rotation world wide, CB slows it down a bit for one of the more pensive tracks we’ve heard from him in quite some time. To top it all off, Kendrick Lamar comes through with an impactful verse in closing, making “Autumn Leaves” one of X’s standout tracks. Check it out below, and cop X when it drops on Tuesday.

Kendrick Lamar Responds To Lupe Fiasco and Troy Ave


“I mean everyone is entitled to an opinion, you know? But, I just continue to do what I what I do. Everybody might feel…or have their different aspects on how they look at different artist, but I just continue to do what I do, ” K-Dot said to KIIS FM.
The Good Kid also responded to Troy Ave calling him a weirdo. “I don’t even know what the definition….I don’t even know him, I’ never met him, I never really focused on his music either,” K-Dot said.

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