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Luxe – The Luxury Expo Pune India 3rd-4th Aug 2019

  • Aug 3 at 11 AM – Aug 4 at 11:30 PM UTC+05:30
    2 days from now
  • The Westin, Koregaon Park, 6/3-B Koregaon Park Annexe, Mundhwa Road, Ghorpadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411001

Tickets > https://ticketexpress.in/event/luxe-the-luxury-expo/748?fbclid=IwAR21uqh87hcMLa5tmXPS6Ar-Qr9zKGx61LQA7jVav9uKHSMGsotXwSA5pMI <
LUXE – The luxury expo is an ultimate experience to the king-lifestyle. A wide range of Luxurious Cars, Super-bikes, yachts, jewels, accessories, home decor and the list goes on. For every whose who of city who selects luxury living to come and experience the best of the best in everything that redefines Luxury. A treasure trove comprising the most awe-inspiring collection of Luxury Goods, Luxe is one of the most talked-about high-end Luxuries exhibitions in the region.

Luxe is an essential exhibition to Enthusiasts, collectors and fanatics to experience the magic of luxury goods.


Would I be allowed in case I am late for the show? : Yes
Is re-entry allowed?: Yes
Are children allowed for the event (specific age to enter)?: Yes
Over all Capacity of the venue: 2000+
Venue for Parking? : Yes
Is parking free or chargeable? : Free. Limited
Inventory: 500

On Live TV BBC Journalist Shows Coca-Cola President How Much Sugar Is In Their Drink


We consume so much sugar  that’s not even real, natural or organic, and is probably one of the worst possible things we can eat. It has a number of detrimental health effects that include diabetes and cancer, just to name a few.

It became popular in the United States in the late 1970’s because it was a much cheaper alternative to regular cane sugar. On average we are consuming 27 teaspoons of sugar per day, while the recommended daily allowance from the American Heart Association is no more than six teaspoons a day for the average woman and no more than nine for the average male. Why are we consuming so much sugar? And why exactly is sugar added into almost everything we eat?

It’s no secret that junk food is designed to be addictive, and that the sugar within it literally kills you.

A recent UCLA study determined that it is also lowering our IQ. You can read more about that here. Another study found it to be just as addictive as heroin, you can read more about that here.

In the video below, BBC journalist Paxman shows a Coca-Cola boss just how much sugar is in their drink. It’s quite entertaining, given the fact that there is absolutely no justification for just how much sugar they put into their

You Still Have A Choice

Our world is full of harmful substances that we constantly consume on a daily basis. It’s hard to believe that these substances (like coke) are mass marketed and made to be heavily addictive. The Coca-Cola corporation is promoting sickness, and the dumbing down of society. How any human being can promote something that kills us is very confusing to me.

At the end of the day, regardless of how addicting and harmful they are, you still have a choice not to consume it. You have to be the change. These corporations hold no power, the power lies within all of us. Without us, there is no them.

“I want a nation of workers, not thinkers” – John D. Rockefeller

10 Things That Indians Need To Stop Doing In Goa

goa (1)


Anisha Ralhan
Anisha Ralhan

India’s cheap version of Thailand, Goa for ages has been the prison break we need in our lives. The sultry beaches, the sizzling food, the smashing babes. All of this, infuses us with Duracell rabbit like energy to party all night to wake up feeling like Bradley Cooper from Hangover, next morning. While it scores ten on ten on fun, beauty and debauchery, it’s not entirely devoid of eyesores. Here’s a list of must don’ts you might wanna pack in your bagpack if you’re planning a trip to Goa.

Disclaimer, keeping them in mind may or may not get you laid, but it will up your coolness, I promise.


1. Flashing Rupa underwear and Banyaan.

Admit it guys, you look nothing like this while coming out of the sea.


2.Wearing bridal make up and jewelry to the beach.

Agreed darling, you just got married but do you really think the red flowers on your swimsuit match with your red bangles.


3. Walking up to women on the beach with fraandship requests.

Honestly, It’s creepier to hear “Hey wanna a nice company to party” in person.


4. Couples on the beach, posing like Jack and Rose from Titanic.

Give us a break, it’s not 1997 folks.


5. Drunk, I-don’t- know- where -we- are- going -or- who- we- will- run -over -now-driving.

Be a serial kisser, not a serial killer.


6.  Speaking in queer accent to pick up foreigners.

Each time I hear an Indian boy say “Whar yoo from?” I just feel like telling him”Can you please repeat this in English”.


7. Imposing trance music on anything that moves.

I feel like slapping every bloke who thinks Goa is fun only for trance lovers.


8. Bragging about their amazing alcohol capacity.

Big deal, if you develop a live-in relationship with beer in Goa, you will probably die of liver failure before you turn 40.


9. People please spare us your Goa: Fun in the sun album where you have tagged all the food you ate there.

Let’s take a minute to remind ourselves that Goa isn’t Miami and we aren’t in the 90’s.


10. Guys clicking pictures of semi-clad women behind their sunglasses.

You really that that trick goes unnoticed?

Source: ScoopWhoop

New York City Subway Stations Just Got Free Wi-Fi and Cell Service


New York City Subway Stations Just Got Free Wi-Fi and Cell Service

Going underground just got a little less scary; as of today, the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority is rolling out Wi-Fi and cell service to 30 stations across the city.

Previously, Wi-Fi was available at a handful of stations on the L and C/E lines, but starting today, it can be found at locations like Times Square, Columbus Circle and other stops on the West Side from 18th to 96th street in the from of free, corporate-sponsored Boingo hotspots. For those who want to check some texts as well, there will also be subterranean cell service, though for the moment that’s limited to those with AT&T or T-Mobile, but Verizon and Sprint are on the way.

And this is only the beginning. In phase two of the project, Wi-Fi and service will come to Queens and Midtown by 2014 with the Bronx and the East Side to follow. By 2016, the MTA says all stations will be hooked up. And if the service at the subway station I am posting this from is any indication, it looks like it’ll work just fine, if not quite amazingly. Bring on the future.

Here’s a list of all the stations (some are repeated if different lines have different platforms):

  • 23 Street – 8 Avenue: CE Lines
  • 14 Street – 8 Avenue: ACE Lines
  • 14 Street – 7 Avenue: 123 Lines
  • 14 Street – 6 Avenue: FM Lines
  • 14 Street – 8 Avenue: L Line
  • 14 Street – 6 Avenue: L Line
  • 96 Street: BC Lines
  • 86 Street: BC Lines
  • 28 Street: 1 Line
  • 18 Street: 1 Line
  • 81 Street-Museum of Natural History: BC Lines
  • 72 Street: BC Lines
  • 79 Street: 1 Line
  • 23 Street: 1 Line
  • 96 Street: 123 Lines
  • 66 Street-Lincoln Center: 1 Line
  • 72 Street: 123 Lines
  • 57 Street: F Line
  • 47-50 Streets-Rockefeller Center: BDFM Lines
  • 57 Street-7 Avenue: NQR Lines
  • 28 Street: NR Lines
  • 50 Street: 1 Line
  • 50 Street: CE Lines
  • 23 Street: NR Lines
  • 49 Street: NR Lines
  • 5 Avenue-53 Street: EM Lines
  • 59 Street-Columbus Circle: 1 Line
  • 59 St-Columbus Circle: ABCD Lines
  • 7 Avenue: BDE Lines
  • Times Square-42 Street: 123 Lines
  • Times Square-42 Street: NQR Lines
  • Times Square-42 Street: 7 Line
  • Times Square-42 Street: ACE Lines
  • Times Square-42 Street: S Line
  • 5 Ave.-59 Street: NR Lines
  • 86 Street: 1 Line
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