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Usually at the point where the worlds of hip-hop and dance music collide, trap music is king. Crisp hi-hat rolls, thunderous waves of heavy bass, and distorted vocal cuts tend to describe this meshing of sounds, however occasionally dance music meets a different genre and the result is far from what you’d imagine. Occasionally collaborations feature genre-defining stars taking on joint efforts together, however rarely do we find this many giants in one studio. According to evidence found on British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran’s Instagram page, it would appear that both halves of Jack U, dance music royalty Skrillex andDiplo, are teaming up with R&B mega-star heartthrob Usher.

Yes, you read that correctly. The Jack U boys are working with Usher and Ed Sheeran. The unlikely foursome posted some photos together in the studio, most likely right after they all created that one sound that will probably change the world forever; much like Usher’s inescapably catchy “Yeah” did for so many of us in our earlier years. The slew of production credits between the OWSLA and Mad Decent label heads, as well as Sheeran’s impressive track record, all include a vast range of talent as each one of these seasoned producers will surely bring their own flavorful finesse to this powerhouse mix. Between credits with everyone from Taylor Swift to Disney, Lil Wayne to 2 Chainz, this tag-team of unbridled talents will surely deliver some genre-defiant sounds.

The motley crew of producers represents not only the best of all worlds in terms of sonic mastery, but in terms of generational definition as well. Sheeran’s work with the pop-stars of today’s generation, matched with Sonny and Wes’ carefree approach to head-spinning main stage mayhem, marked with the unparalleled sex appeal that made Usher into a god on records like Confessions back in the early 2000′s, will surely all come together to creatively form something really exciting.

With a four way collaboration in the works, and plenty of new Jack U music lurking just around the corner, both Skrillex and Diplo continue to showcase their versatility as their in-your-face campaign for world domination rolls on, this time adding unlikely pop sensation pairings with Usher and Sheeran.

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