House of Ikons 2015 London Fashion Week at The Hilton Paddington

House Of Ikons 2015 at the Hilton Hotel in Paddington was full of wonderful surprises from Designers from Fiji to the home of London Hott Radio right there in Lambeth. Lady K aka Savita, the founder of House of Ikons did a great job in organizing and executing the event.

Bombay Hott Radio’s favorite designer had to be Cary Santiago from the philippines who used portraits of Buddha, Shiva or an old chinese King engraved in the dresses and the mighty Yen of UAE.


Best Model : Maurisa Selene


We have uploaded some pictures from the 3pm show. Hope you enjoy these…
DSC01945 DSC01937 DSC01951 DSC01955 DSC01982 DSC01985 DSC01994 DSC02119 DSC02117 DSC02066 DSC02054 DSC02012

DSC02400 DSC02397 DSC02363 DSC02357 DSC02353 DSC02311 DSC02329 DSC02331 DSC02333 DSC02350 DSC02301
DSC02296 DSC02263 DSC02245 DSC02236 DSC02201 DSC02157


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