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“Bounce, House Party” Motown Philly x Boys 2 Men | I Am Bounce Choreography | ShirJuanda “Bounce”

This was a fun opportunity for me to enjoy my birthday and enjoy going back to the 90s with my friends!

Hope you enjoy it as much as WE did!

Choreographer: ShirJuanda “Bounce” Woodson
Director: ShirJuanda “Bounce” Woodson
Videographer/ Editor: Jon “Gifted” Jimenez

Music: Motown Philly x Boys 2 Men

I want to say thank you to each and every dancer that participated in this video. It’s truly amazing to have such great friends support your vision!

Dancers: Derrius Jarmon, Solice Surles, Darrel Dunn, Chelsea Miller, Alexandra Dry, Magnus Griffin, Kidd Envy, Hannah Sutton, Randi Lemons, Simonne Gabrielle, Monica Davis, Bri Gomez, Tirek Johnson, Rodney Lee, Ramon Grande, Jessica Oglesby, Stephen Banks, Christina Davis

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