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Mike Pennino has been a special gift to the game since his birth in September 7th, 1992. Growing up in Lebanon Township, NJ, he was bitten by the hip-hop big at an early age. Pennino has always been sure he would one day share his God given gift to the world.

Pennino shares his journey with Bombay Hott Radio: “I stumbled upon Christian Hip-hop, which led me to reading the New Testament. This led me to the understanding that Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead in order to free us from our sins, heal us, and reconcile us back to God. When it finally clicked, I was all in and placed my faith in Jesus.”

Mike currently loves in Pembroke , NC. While pursuing his career, he received his education from UNCP in 2015 with a double major in Religion and Sociology.He Has released 4 singles this year & has been gaining traction with his most popular track Between You And on Bombay Hott Radio. Pennino is excited as he is gearing up to release his debut album dropping this year! 

Pennino : “I want my music to help people have a relationship with God, help people overcome their struggles and heal, and help people become the person they were made to truly be.”

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