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Jerry Blount Jr. has been a star since he was Born on August 29th 1992, in St. Augustine, FL. Now known in the game as King Jay The Blountman, he is slowly taking over his new stomping grounds in Florida  with his energetic delivery & undeniable energy!

King Jay’s childhood activities consisted of hobbies like skateboarding which he still enjoys today. Growing up Jay got his hands on the drums & piano, making him a musical sponge at a very early age. He would adapt to anything that involved rhythm & required focus to keep it going.  Today King Jay is on the rise pushing a few singles.

His track Empower (Londonhottradio & Bombayhottradio). Empower is his fastest growing track he has ever released i& landed him a sponsorship with Empower Klothing brand out of Germany! Another King Jay favorite is Summertime which is perfect for this time of the year allowing you to let loose!His New project is on the way entitled Level Up!

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