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Amir Faulks aka GBF NoGuud was Born March 25, 1997. Raised in Roselle, NJ before taking his talents to the south in North Carolina, where his life would change forever.

Whenever the odds are against him, he always can go into survival mode and make it happen to overcome any obstacles. Especially obstacles of the streets. No Guud is great at taking his life story & struggle and delivering it in a cohesive manner. Many artists fabricate their delivery but NoGUUD‘s past bleeds on the beat effortlessly. His main quote is “Minds of Steel & Hearts of Stone”.

Currently NoGuud is heating up in the streets with his anthem “Who You Think”. It has an ultra energy to it that keeps you bouncing from beginning to end! The video quickly approaching 100K views on YouTube as of the date of this article!  What his fans are really excited about is the album.

His debut “I Got The Blues” is what’s getting the streets eager! Expect nothing but authentic street tales about how he badly wants to change his life.  NoGuud specifies avidly how he had to maneuver in small spaces to prevail, go without essential resources all while having to take care of the ones he loves.

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