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 For 126 years, the identity behind London’s most vicious serial killer, Jack the Ripper, was a mystery. However, thanks to breakthrough DNA testing technology, we can finally add a name and a face to the madman.

From the Mirror:

The true identity of notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper can now be revealed thanks to a DNA breakthrough, it has been claimed.


Author and self confessed “armchair detective” Russell Edwards  claims to have solved perhaps the most notorious whodunit ever.


Mr Edwards claims Aaron Kosminski, a 23 year-old Polish immigrant who ended up dying in an asylum, was “definitely, categorically and absolutely” the man behind the grisly killing spree in 1888 in London’s East End.

The smoking gun was discovered when Edwards purchased a bloodstained shawl at an auction that belonged to one of Jack the Ripper’s victims.


Image Credit: Daily Mail

The shawl ended up having some of Kosminski’s blood on it as well, and DNA analysis led to the major discovery.

Jack the Ripper was one of England’s most barbaric serial killers. He butchered five women within a three month period and was allegedly responsible for thirteen other murders, although the Ripper was never caught for his acts. His legend lived on through books and movies.

In addition, Edwards’ fascination with trying to track down the identity of Jack the Ripper came from watching Hollywood star Johnny Depp’s film In Hell. In the film, Depp plays a detective trying to crack the case of Jack the Ripper.


Aaron Kosminski. Image Credit: Movie Pictures

If Kosminksi is the man behind the mask, it’s an interesting find to say the least, and here’s why:

  • The only time Kosminksi allegedly showed a violent side was when he once picked up a chair and tried to hit someone with it.
  • Records of Kosminski made it clear that he wasn’t a danger to others.
  • He was documented as a “harmless imbecile.”

It appears now that was all an act, and Kosminski may have eluded the Sherlock Holmes of his time. However, with the technologies we now use to fight crime in the 21st century, his cunning and wit didn’t stand a chance.

By Justen Charters

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