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Update: Video Surfaced of 2 Chainz Being Robbed At Gunpoint



2 Chainz was held at gunpoint and robbed, wallet stolen

On Sunday during the day, 2 Chainz was held at gunpoint and robbed according to TMZ. A San Francisco PD sergeant told TMZ that cops responded to a call following gunshots at 4:30 p.m. When police arrived at the scene, 2 Chainz was uncooperative and wanted to handle the situation on his own. The only information that he shared was that he wallet had been stolen.

After reviewing video surveillance, the police were able to identify 2 Chainz as the sole intended target of the robbery. The San Francisco PD stated that 2 Chainz’ 14 deep entourage “ran away from the incident like cochroaches running from a flashlight.

The police are still tracking down the offenders.

Update: Despite previous reports, 2 Chainz was infact not the target of the armed robbery that took place yesterday. reports the San Francisco PD have revealed that a member of 2 Chainz’ entourage was the target not the rapper. “He was not the victim of a robbery, he was there, but he wasn’t the victim.” Police reported that a member of 2 Chainz entourage fell to the ground following gunshots who was then approached by the assailant who took an item from his possession. San Francisco PD still says that 2 Chainz and his group are still being uncooperative and no suspect has been found yet.

Stay tuned for more information.

Source : Ben Lester (bjams11) TMZ

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