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LSF Magazine shoot behind the scenes at Sin and Bitcoin Alliance India’s new cafe

As Bitcoin Cafe starts getting set up and Sports Hott Radio is about to hit the airwaves, We catch up with Zubin Soni and James Clark as they shoot with Regina Tkachenko for LSF world (Lifestyle Fragrance Magazine) while shooting at Tiger Play at the rooftop of CitiMall in Lokhandwala. Bitcoin cafe is the first of its kind in India being put together and owned by Sin and Vishal Gupta. Stay tuned to Bombay Hott Radio for more information on Bitcoin Cafe and Sports Hott Radio.
Photographer: Zubin Soni
Model : Regina Tkachenko
Make-up : James Clark
Assistant 1 : Anjal Patel
Assistant 2 : Pramod
Model bio: Regina Is a Ukrainian Model based in Mumbai working with Karma Modelling Agency and creatively freelancing now
Photographers Bio: Zubin is an freelance Photographer based in Mumbai recently back from Paris. He is an Lifestyle Fashion and portrait photographer and  always looking forward to take a move ahead.
Makeup : James Clark, from Scotland, UK and working in the fashion and movie world in Mumbai.
Assist : Anjal Patel and Pramod

CURTIS YOUNG (Dr Dre’s Son) Live with DJ Sin

Curtis Young, the son of the Hip Hop King of production, Dr Dre, will be talking to the legendary DJ Sin who London is happy to have home and since his return has stepped up alot of minds to work harder.


Curtis Young is the next big thing to look out for as music runs in his blood and being influenced by the numbers of influential people while growing up around Dr Dre. We will get to see an in dept view on his up bringing and where he plans to take the game.

With minds like Sin and Curtis Young connecting, we see a big chance for Hip hop returning in a big way.


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