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G-Eazy – Endless Summer Freestyle (Audio) ft. YG

G-Eazy has just dropped a new track called “Endless Summer Freestyle” featuring Compton great, YG.

To start, G-Eazy jumps on the track with his signature flashy raps about his clothes, cars, jewelry, and beautiful women. Then, YG comes in with his signature edgy raps about his lifestyle. “I got a lot on my platter, this shit so scattered/Bitches gettin’ fucked, Black lives matter/Fuck the chitter chatter, I put my dick behind what I say/Every check I get, it’s a real nigga holiday, he spits.

Check out the “Endless Summer Freestyle” below. What do you think of the track?

YG Hits a Fan From Stage in Edmonton, Canada Concert @ Encore Club (2 Videos)


Footage Ensuing Riots
West Coast Rapper YG concert, Edmonton ( Alberta ). My Krazy Life tour Canada.
Yg concert lasted barely 20 mins then YG attacks a fan from stage.
Fan was angry because YG lost his voice (sore throat) at the very begining of the concert and went backstage.
YG lost his voice two songs into his set. Rather than own up to the fault, he first tried to get his DJ to raise the volume and mask his voice(as you can see in the video playing songs like “we dem boys” he doesn’t even relate to ). When that didn’t work, he resorted to throwing water bottles.

One of his fan was frustrated by his charade (not performing his own songs but instead playing other top songs and dancing around) so he started throwing ice cubes at him. YG scanned the crowed and when he figured out who was it he jumped right onto him from stage and punched the guy.
0:08 YG warned crowd don’t do it(don’t throw the ice cubes).
what else you can say Shit just got real.
after that errbody started tossing bottles or whatever was in their hand(ice,bowls,cans,water etc.)

YG also had fight with 4 guys in parking lot who were trying to break windows of his car.

I didn’t tape it all bc one of my friend fall victim to the flying bottle and blood was all over his face. We were dancing near to the stage and all the flying bottles were coming at us so we thought who cares for a damn video, protect your mf asses first lol.

Bickin Back Bein Booooeeedd lol

Music Video – PSY – HANGOVER feat. Snoop Dogg


After all the teasing, YG Entertainment finally unveils the official music video for PSY’s “Hangover” featuring Snoop Dogg.


The official music video was uploaded on PSY’s official Youtube channel on June 9th, 8:15 PM KST. The video features various scenes of Korean culture, unveiling scenes from the sauna, convenience store, karaoke and more. Big Bang’s G-Dragon and 2NE1’s CL also made special appearances on the clip.

Meanwhile, “Hangover” will also be featured on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on ABC on June 8th, 7:15 PM EST. The single will be released simultaneously through iTunes.

By the end of the clip, it was also announced that PSY will be releasing a new single titled “DADDY” this summer.

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