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2 Pac Bodyguard “Frank Alexander” Found Dead In His California Home. Suicide or Accident?

SADNEWS2PacBodyguardFrankAlexanderFoundDeadInHisCaliforniaHomeSuicideorAccidentDetailsInside2 Pac Bodyguard “Frank Alexander Found Dead In His California Home. Suicide or Accident?? — Frank Alexander, the bodyguard, author, producer, and friend of the late rapper Tupac Amari Shakur had been found dead in California. As rumors of a possible suicide swirled around the internet, Franks, family and friends reached out to Mstars News to dispell claims that Frank took his own life.


Richard “RJ” Bond, Franks friend and co-producer of Tupac Assassination, was upset by the allegations of suicide. In an email he wrote, “I can tell you that it was not a suicide, it was an accident…Please stop speculating.”


Will the police continue to investigate Frank’s untimely death, family members and friends said that Frank was happy, and “looking forward to the days to come.” Frank and Tupac were friends as well as business acquaintances.


When ‘Pac was gunned down on September 7, 1996 in Nevada, Frank was not present and often reflected on not being their in various interviews and documentaries. Frank has said that he wished he were there, and speculated as to whom he though could be responsible for Tupac’s death.


Frank spoke with the Sabotage Times about the accounts that lead up to Tupac’s assassination and shared who he thought may have played a role in his murder.


He revealed that Tupac got into a fight the night that he got shot, with Orlando Anderson, a Crip from the South side. Frank said that he thought that the fight between the member of the Crips Gang and Death Row may have played a role in Tupac’s untimely death.
“Yeah. If you get into a scuffle and you get you butt whupped, whatcha gonna do? You’re going to tell your friends,” he said told Sabotage Times. However when Tupacs black BMW was gunned down, Frank was pursuing other orders from his boss, which required him to be the designated driver another vehicle, because Tupac’s posse was under the influence.

Frank said that Suge Knight held him responsible for Tupac’s murder, and even ent has far as to issue death threats. “One of the bodyguards called me up and said, ‘Hey, if you don’t testify for Suge then they want you dead.’ I’m like. ‘Who does?’ and he goes, ‘Death Row,'” Frank said.
Tupac’s death weighed heavy on Frank’s heart and he paid tribute to his late boss and friend co-producing classic documentaries Tupac: Before I Wake (2001) and Tupac: Assassination (2009), as well as writing Got Your Back (1998), about his time’s with ‘Pac.
Prior to becoming a bodyguard, Frank served in the US Marines for 11 years, and was a champion amateur Bodybuilder, according to StreetHop. Watch a documentary on Tupac’s assassination below:

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