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Review of Sangeeta Wadhwani Coho Bohemia, the Bombay Artwalk in Worli with Alyque Padamsee, DJ Sin, 2Blue and many more

Coho Bohemia, the Bombay Artwalk, is a movement for people by people…essentially creative people though. A mix of singers, dancers, rappers, poets, authors, ranging from edgy and experimental to urbane know-it-alls, get together on a Saturday afternoon in a beautiful artspace to simply share and grow. Each ‘talent’ gets a 10 to 15 minute segment to share his or her passion and interact briefly with a live audience.
A movement established by an expat author, journalist and Bharat Natyam exponent called Janet Fine, about 15 years ago, it earlier entailed going from one gallery to the next, mostly in downtown Colaba and Kala Ghoda where galleries were walking distances from each other.  After Janet’s untimely demise in 2007, Coho too died a natural death. Sangeeta Wadhwani, a friend of Janets had a dream that reviving Coho could be fun. She called on all of the usual coterie that knew Janet and tried to reassemble the tradition. Only now, it got a notch better with professional sound and evolving talent.  The most recent Coho just took place on May 16 at Gallery Art and Soul, and featured performances from a variety of creative individuals. ..from theatre doyen Alyque Padamsee doing a POP UP workshop on appreciating Shakespeare “whose words should exist between the lips and the listener’s ear” to a soul renting presentation by Trublu aka Judas from the current production of Jesus Christ Superstar. DJ Sin got down to amusing and entertaining the audience with original rap recited with sitar exponent Kumar Madhusudan and tabla player Brijesh. Representatives from Giants International showcased their work building houses for rehabilitation post the Nepal earthquake and immediately raised enough to fund half a new bamboo, earthquake friendly house! And the mellifluous Vikram Malwankar and Aradhana of the Uttama Music Academy revisited a host of ghazals and movie classics. Young author Anjali Kirplani read from her new book Written In the Stars while fashion designer Arti Vijay Gupta presented an installation of her garments all featuring prints of miniature paintings from different ateliers in India.
All in all the magic of Coho continues wherever aesthetics,  music, the written word and theatre get to breathe and expand…! And yes when I the curator Sangeeta Wadhwani,  find enough space and time to assemble all…

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CURTIS YOUNG (Dr Dre’s Son) Live with DJ Sin

Curtis Young, the son of the Hip Hop King of production, Dr Dre, will be talking to the legendary DJ Sin who London is happy to have home and since his return has stepped up alot of minds to work harder.


Curtis Young is the next big thing to look out for as music runs in his blood and being influenced by the numbers of influential people while growing up around Dr Dre. We will get to see an in dept view on his up bringing and where he plans to take the game.

With minds like Sin and Curtis Young connecting, we see a big chance for Hip hop returning in a big way.


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