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DJ Aaron James Live at #TagMumbai on Wed 15th April with DJ Sin

ARRON-JAMESLive at Hash Tag Cafe and Bar, Aaron James is set to turn up the heat to the spot in Mumbai that is rapidly becoming the place to be. With a mix of Hip hop, Crunkstep, Trap, Funky beats and bass, New York based DJ James has opened for many acts in the US including Eminem, Beastie Boys, Lil Kim, Talib Kwali and many more. This is 100% the party to be at this Wednesday and Bombay Hott Radio are excited to be present and apart of this event. For guest-list or more information contact +919833066442

DJ Advice – How to create a hi-tech live performance setup

Things to think about when you’re going from studio to stage

There’s lots to consider when taking your tunes out live, and it can initially seem daunting. There are so many different ways to approach translating DAW-produced music into a live hardware-based scenario – with or without a computer.

If you are considering changing/tweaking your setup and are going to be taking your music out live, consider both how your gear might work for you in the studio and also in a live capacity, either on its own or with a band. For example, if you can have one set of equipment that works for both studio productions and gigs, you could end up saving yourself a lot of cash; but, on the other hand, you might not want to take your studio kit out live in case it gets damaged.

When choosing a hardware setup that you want to work in the studio but with live gigs also in mind, always choose gear that’s sturdily built, as flimsy kit doesn’t hold up well to the rigours of touring (though on the flipside, it’s usually cheaper to replace). Similarly, don’t skimp on sound quality, and always invest in sturdy flight casing to protect your setup.

Also, think hard about what you need the equipment to do – will you need one central piece/brain such as a drum machine or sequencer flanked by effects, or several pieces of gear MIDI sync’d and dedicated to specific tasks such as basslines, drums, chords, leads etc? Will you be setting your own monitor levels using a desk, or relying on in-house engineers for setting monitor levels?

Make lists of gear you want to use live, draw diagrams of live setup scenarios and routings, and make a budget to stick within (including wiring/looms, stands etc). This all helps you to visualise your setup.

Keep it simple



Try to keep things as streamlined as possible, as the more complex your setup, the more cabling and stands needed, plus the more time you’ll need to set up the gear. In particular, with festival gigs, soundchecks are usually very short (or non existent!) and you might just get a ‘line check’ to test your gear is working and that the monitor/front of house sound engineers are getting signals from your equipment.

Another important consideration is the weight and portability of your gear. Hardware setups are inherently more weighty than just a laptop and interface, and once your gear is flightcased it can become quite unwieldy. Also, the heavier the gear, the more you’ll get charged if you’re flying about all over the place, so keep this in mind, too.

As much as we all want to stand out on stage with unique and sometimes flashy set-ups, also try to buy gear that most hire places are likely to carry. This way, if your hardware setup is looking too costly to travel with, you can hire the gear abroad (if budget allows) then put your sounds on a USB key or laptop and load them into the hired gear when you get there – then you can travel light.

Finally, once you have established the gear you’ll be taking with you and/or the gear you want to hire, send on a stage plan with a clear list of what you need to the gig promoter so that any specific gear can be sourced if it isn’t readily available. Specify everything in as much detail as possible down to what stands you’ll need, onstage positioning, how many outputs you’ll be needing, and what effects you’ll be using. Also, make sure you specify high-quality monitoring (mono, or preferably stereo) plus high-quality DI boxes.

If you’re planning on playing live, choose your gear carefully.

Ice Cube x The Roots “It Was A Good Day” Live On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon


Ice Cube takes center stage at Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to perform the west coast rap classic “It Was A Good Day” with The Roots. Ice Cube promotes peace during the performance and drops a few shouts to ?uestloveJimmy Fallon and The Isley Brothers; Cube’s song samples their iconic 1977 slow-jam “Footsteps In The Dark.” The entire audience gets in on the act, swaying to the chilled out track with their hands in the air. Check the performance below. Look out for Ice Cube’s forthcoming LPEverythang’s Corrupt, dropping early next year. He hits the road this summer with De La SoulPublic Enemy and L.L. Cool J.

Apply Now For A One-Way Trip To Mars


Want to live and die on Mars? Mars One has officially begun its worldwide search for astronauts who will fly to Mars in 2023—and never come back.

The first humans on Mars may be reality TV stars. The ultimate goal is to select 24 to 40 candidateswho will travel to Mars in groups of four. Mars One wants to land the first group (two men and two women, ideally from four different continents, says CEO Bas Lansdorp Apply Now For A One-Way Trip To Mars) on the red planet in 2023, with the other groups following one at a time, every two years. Applications close August 31, 2013.


Mars One lander

Mars One lander:  Mars One


The nonprofit organization plans to televise the final rounds of the search in 2014, which means the first humans on Mars may be reality TV stars. But first, Mars One is asking the public to rate the application videos to help narrow down the selection pool. According to Norbert Kraft, the chief medical officer and head of the astronaut selection program, aspiring Martians should have five qualities: resilience, adaptability, curiosity, empathy, and creativity.


Mars One habitat

Mars One habitat:  Mars One


To filter out spam and frivolous entries, Mars One is charging an application fee that varies by country (it’s $38 in the United States). Applicants must create a 30- to 70-second video that explains why they want to go to Mars, and why they’re the best candidate. The pool will be narrowed to 24 to 40 in 2015.

If you’re one of the (uh, lucky?) people chosen for the program, you’ll move to the United States to spend the next seven years as a full-time, salaried employee of Mars One. Nine months of each year will be spent learning dentistry, emergency medicine, general medicine, engineering, biology, mechanics—anything you might need to know on an inhospitable planet with a population of four. The other three months of each year will be spent in a Mars habitat mock-up, complete with a 40-minute communication delay to the outside world and simulated emergencies. The hardest thing they’ll face during the simulation? A broken toilet, Lansdorp says. “That’s when people get out of control.”


Mars farm

Mars farm:  Mars One


It will cost $6 billion to get the first group of four to their new home (the reality show is supposed to fund the mission). The company will use SpaceX spacecraft to send rovers and supplies ahead of the astronauts, and then the SpaceX Falcon Heavy will get the crew to Mars, where they will assemble their habitat and begin growing their own food. Once on the red planet, the crew can do what they want—they won’t be taking orders from Mars One or anyone else back on Earth. “They will make a new civilization,” Kraft says. “They will make their own holidays, their own laws. We need to send mature people, because we won’t be telling them what to do.”

source : Popsci

Justin Bieber attacked by a male fan on stage in Dubai.


Justin Bieber has been attacked by a male fan while performing on stage at a concert in Dubai.

The Canadian singer was playing the piano during his song “Believe” when the male fan rushed onto the stage and grabbed the 19-year-old from behind.

The fan also pushed Bieber’s piano off its hinges, making it unplayable for the rest of the concert, UAE paper The National reports.

Bieber’s bodyguards managed to restrain the offender as the pop star walked off the other side of the stage.

Despite the incident the pop star returned to the stage after a three minute break and finished the concert with “Boyfriend” and “Baby”.

Following the show Bieber tweeted: “Dubai. Nothing stops the show.”

The star also performed on Saturday in Dubai and withdrew one of his songs “One Less Lonely Girl” out of respect for the country’s Muslim faith.

He is said to have paused his show in Turkey on Thursday to allow fans to take part in the Muslim call to prayer. But he angered fans after arriving more than two hours late for his first concert at Dubai’s Sevens Stadium.

Thousands of parents and fans booed the singer when he arrived late for a sold-out concert at London’s O2 Arena in March.

Last month the singer was criticised for suggesting that Anne Frank “would have been a Belieber”.

by DAISY WYATT (The Independent)

London Raps United Nations Concert feat N.O.R.E + Music Education and signing with Billy Danze and Courtney Brown




Event Sponsors:-







This weekend, we see a bunch of activities organized by S&J Promotions and Bombay Hott Radio in London with Raps United Nations.

On Saturday 9th March, head down to Abuze London where “Bombay Hott Radio Music Education” presents Billy Danze and Courtney Brown of the Source Magazine meeting and greeting people at the clothes store and also signing MOP records and Source Magazines.



On Sunday 10th March, London sees the Raps united nations concert come to life at XOYO in Shoreditch feat N.O.R.E (Noreaga) performing a full set and Billy Danze hosting and Raps united nations showcase. The only artist we have not heard from in Living in Sin is who scheduled to perform at the concert but is presently still in Mumbai, India pulling strings and business moves to create more for the urban scene in the UK. This is a gig not to be missed and with this line-up, its bound to be a killer show.

Not only do S&J promotions have the concert going on but also managed to get a drop from Tim Westwood endorsing the event… check out the video below of N.O.R.E , Courtney Brown and Time Westwood talking about the event! For Tickets logo on to ——–>>>

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