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Mumbai, 23rd April 2015: Miss Duniya the beauty pageant of the 21st century has signed former Miss India, Pooja Batra to come on board their advisory panel.

Pooja Batra believes every woman should be empowered to fulfil her dreams. She credits her success in the entertainment industry to having won the Miss India title and wants to be a part of a platform that helps every young woman to believe in herself and her future.

On this occasion Ms. Batra said, “I am excited to be a part of this vision; representatives from 130 countries will have a chance to win $250,000 in cash prizes. The platform will provide multiple opportunities in the entertainment and modelling industries for contestants both in Hollywood and Bollywood”.

The finals will be held in December 2015 in Las Vegas. The hunt is on.

Mayweather vs Pacquiao tickets to go on sale this week


What may be the hottest ticket in Las Vegas right now will go on sale this week.

Two of the world’s greatest boxers, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao will meet May 2 in a welterweight showdown at the MGM Grand.

During an interview on FOX5 Sports Plus on Sunday night, Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe said tickets would go on sale this week, but he would not confirm which day.

When asked how many tickets would be available, Ellerbe only responded, “Quite a few.”

Entry-level tickets to what is being billed as the richest fight in history are reportedly starting at $1,500, and high-end seats will go for $7,500. Sources in the secondary market told FOX5’s Jon Castagnino that floor seats could fetch over $50,000 each.

Ellerbe said the contract between MGM and the promoters regarding details like ticket allotment and hotel rooms for each fighter’s camps have not been finalized.

“We are working through things, and everything will get done in its due course of time,” Ellerbe said.

According to, rooms at the MGM Grand during fight weekend are averaging $1,684 per night.

Mayweather could earn $120 million or more from the fight’s purse, while Pacquiao’s split will likely be about $80 million.

Copyright 2015 KVVU (KVVU Broadcasting Corporation). All rights reserved. The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Glimpse of Miss Duniya 2016 Calendar Shoot with Sid Mallya and Ash Gupta

Photos from the Calendar Shoot_2

Mumbai, April 2015: Miss Duniya 2016 calendar shoot sees collaboration of internationally renowned fashion photographer, Ash Gupta,renowned Fashion Designer, Rocky Gathercoleand Sid Mallya. Miss Duniya has also announced the appointment of Ash Gupta as Creative Director for Miss Duniya Beauty Pageant 2015. Calendar shoot also saw presence of board members of Miss Duniya 2015 former Miss India Pooja Batra and Gulshan Grover.

Ash Gupta is an internationally-known photographer, director and image-maker who has worked with top Hollywood and Bollywood stars including Jennifer Lawrence, Ben Affleck, PreityZinta, MallikaSherawat, Harman Baweja, Fred Durst to name a few. Ash explains his artistic philosophy: “You will hear most photographers tell you they see beauty everywhere. I cannot. I see the odium bourne of the chaos that life provides. I rearrange the pieces…hold them in hand, mold and shape…this is what I am, this is what I give.”

Sid Mallya, joined forces with Ash Gupta and Rocky Gathercole to create this extraordinary Calendar that was held at the HQ Avalon Studio. The Calendar shoot was hosted by actor Sid Mallya who provided moment-by-moment updates and interviews with celebrity guests.

Miss Duniya’s goal is to provide a platform for young women to achieve growth and development and will open avenues into various industries including but not limited to Entertainment and Modeling. This platform is stepping out the norms of the pageant industry to create something unique, and its aspirations are to inspire women around the globe.

The Miss Duniya 2016 Calendar will be unveiled at an extravagant Grand Finale of Miss Duniya Beauty Pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The Calendar will be sent to a select group of international movers and shakers where it’s sure to create a stir in fashion-art circles and bring attention to support for growth and development of young women globally. 

Tupac’s Final Words Revealed by Police Officer on Scene of Murder


The first police officer at the scene of Tupac Shakur’s 1996 drive-by murder has revealed the last words spoken by the late rap legend. And they’re not exactly peaceful.

“He looked at me, and he took a breath to get the words out, and he opened his mouth,” says Chris Carroll, a retired sergeant with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, in a new feature with Vegas Seven. “And then the words came out: ‘Fuck you.’”

50 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs of All Time

Shakur was shot multiple times on September 7th, 1996. After leaving a boxing match with former Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight, the rapper and his bodyguards got into a scuffle with 21-year-old Crips gang member Orlando Anderson in the lobby of the MGM Grand casino. Carroll, who worked with the city’s bike patrol unit, had also been watching the same Mike Tyson fight, but was unaware of the brawl taking place in the lobby.

Later, a white Cadillac pulled up beside Knight and Shakur while they were stopped at a traffic light and one man began shooting out of the back window. Carroll was the first officer to respond to the grisly scene.

“I grab the car door and I’m trying to open it, but I can’t get it open,” he says. “[Knight] keeps coming up on my back, so I’m pointing my gun at him. I’m pointing it at the car. I’m yelling, ‘You guys lay down! And you, get the fuck away from me!’ And every time I’d point the gun at him, he’d back off and even lift his hands up, like ‘All right! All right!’ So I’d go back to the car, and here he comes again. I’m like, ‘Fucker, back off!’ This guy is huge, and the whole time he’s running around at the scene, he’s gushing blood from his head. Gushing blood! I mean the guy had clearly been hit in the head, but he had all his faculties. I couldn’t believe he was running around and doing what he was doing, yelling back and forth.”

Carroll says when he finally was able to open the door, Shakur’s limp body fell out of the vehicle, “like he was leaning against the door.”

“So I grabbed him with my left arm, and he falls into me, and I’ve still got my gun in the other hand,” he continues. “He’s covered with blood, and I immediately notice that the guy’s got a ton of gold on – a necklace and other jewelry – and all of the gold is covered in blood. That has always left an image in my mind. . . After I pulled him out, Suge starts yelling at him, ‘Pac! Pac!’ And he just keeps yelling it. And the guy I’m holding is trying to yell back at him. He’s sitting up and he’s struggling to get the words out, but he can’t really do it. And as Suge is yelling ‘Pac!,’ I look down and I realize that this is Tupac Shakur.”

Carroll says he attempted to get a “dying declaration” of a potential suspect from Shakur, but the rapper was ignoring him at first.

“And then I saw in his face, in his movements, all of a sudden in the snap of a finger, he changed,” he says. “And he went from struggling to speak, being noncooperative, to an ‘I’m at peace’ type of thing. Just like that. . . He went from fighting to ‘I can’t do it.’ And when he made that transition, he looked at me, and he’s looking right in my eyes. And that’s when I looked at him and said one more time, ‘Who shot you?’. . . He looked at me and he took a breath to get the words out, and he opened his mouth, and I thought I was actually going to get some cooperation. And then the words came out: ‘Fuck you.’ After that, he started gurgling and slipping out of consciousness.”

So why is Carroll coming forward with with information in 2014? Two reasons: Retiring from the Metro has allowed him the freedom to speak about the homicide case without being reprimanded (“It’s been almost 18 years,” he says. There’s clearly never going to be a court case on this.”), and he also didn’t want “Tupac to be a martyr or a hero because he told the cops ‘Fuck you.'”

Carroll says Shakur never spoke another word – remaining silent even when another officer tried to draw out a declaration in the ambulance.

“As soon as he got to the hospital, he went into surgery and was heavily sedated, and I guess he went into a coma and really never came out of that, until they took him off of life support,” he continues. “So that moment I talked to him was his last real living moment where he was speaking. I talked to the cop who rode in the ambulance with him. He said Tupac never came out of it, and he never said anything at the hospital. There was nothing else.

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Press Release: Manny Pacquiao vs Tim Bradley 2 Official




Saturday, April 12 at MGM Grand
Presented Live by HBO Pay-Per-View®

Los Angeles and New York News Conferences
Tuesday, February 4 and Thursday, February 6

NEW YORK (January 25, 2014) – Bob Arum and Todd duBoef, CEO and President of Top Rank, respectively, and Michael Koncz of MP Promotions are pleased to announce that an agreement was reached today for undefeated two-division world champion TIMOTHY “Desert Storm” BRADLEY to defend his World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight title against Fighter of the Decade Congressman MANNY “Pacman” PACQUIAO. Promoted by Top Rank®, in association with MP Promotions and Tecate, Pacquiao-Bradley 2 will take place, Saturday, April 12, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nev. It will be produced and distributed live by HBO Pay-Per-View.

Both fighters and their teams will embark on a U.S. media tour the week of February 3, including press conferences in Los Angeles and New York on Tuesday, February 4 and Thursday, February 6, respectively. Ticket information and other details on the promotion and the media tour will be released shortly.

When Pacquiao and Bradley rumbled the first time, on June 9, 2012 at the MGM Grand, Bradley’s hand was raised via a controversial split decision, ending Pacquiao’s welterweight title reign as well as his seven-year, 15-bout winning streak. Though both fighters claimed victory neither was satisfied. Destiny may have played a hand in their first battle but it will be survival of the fittest that determines the winner of this exciting rematch.

Pacquiao (55-5-2, 38 KOs), the lone congressional representative from the Sarangani province in the Philippines (he was reelected to a second term, running unopposed last year), is the only fighter to win eight world titles in as many different weight divisions. A three-time Fighter of the Year and the Boxing Writers Association of America’s “Fighter of the Decade,” Pacquiao’s resumé features victories over future Hall of Famers, including Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik Morales, Miguel Cotto, Shane Mosley and Juan Manuel Márquez. From 2008 to 2010, five of his seven victories were world title victories in five different weight classes, from 130 to 154 pounds. No active boxer has sold more live tickets in the U.S. than Pacquiao, who is also credited with over eight million pay-per-view buys. He returns to the ring after a scintillating beatdown of former world champion Brandon Rios.

Bradley (31-0, 12 KOs), from Palm Springs, Calif., a two-division world champion who unified the junior welterweight titles twice during his previous four-year reign, returns to the ring after three consecutive career-best victories. After moving up in weight and beating Pacquiao in 2012, Bradley co-starred in the 2013 Fight of the Year last March, winning a brutal 12-round decision over Ruslan Provodnikov though Bradley was suffering from a concussion throughout most of the fight. In his most recent fight, in October, Bradley gave a virtuoso performance in defeating three-division world champion and Mexican icon Juan Manuel Márquez proving that Bradley is indeed one of boxing’s elite pound for pound fighters.

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CES 2014: BMW shows off ‘drifting’ self-drive cars

BMW has shown off self-driving cars that can “drift” around bends and slalom between cones.

The modified 2-Series Coupe and 6-Series Gran Coupe are able to hurtle round a racetrack and control a power slide without any driver intervention.

Using 360-degree radar, ultrasonic sensors and cameras, the cars sense and adapt to their surroundings.

BMW demonstrated its latest autonomous driving technology at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

It is just one of several car manufacturers experimenting with the technology – Japan’s Toyota has also been demonstrating its autonomous car at CES.

And Bosch, better known for its white goods and power tools, showed off its smartphone-controlled self-parking technology at the show.


With about 50,000 road fatalities in the US each year, carmakers are hoping sensor- and software-controlled cars could prove less accident-prone than cars driven by humans.


The driver isn’t touching the pedals or steering wheel as BMW’s self-driving car controls a power slide at race speeds

One 2013 study by the Eno Center for Transportation suggested that if 10% of cars on US roads were autonomous this could reduce fatalities by about 1,000.

A number of driver assistance technologies are already being incorporated into the latest cars, from lane-drifting warnings to self-parking.

Currently California, Florida and Nevada have licensed autonomous vehicles to be tested on their public roads, and Google’s fleet of 24 robot Lexus SUVs (sports utility vehicles) have clocked up about 500,000 miles of unassisted driving so far without any reported mishaps.

Autonomous vehicles are not yet allowed on European roads and we are still a long way from seeing driverless cars frequenting our streets and motorways.

But as the number of successful demonstrations grows, the cultural hurdles are probably greater than the technological ones.

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