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Lil Jon opens second school in Ghana with Pencils of Promise (exclusive)

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Jon is doing some good in a time when the world needs it most.

Pencils of Promise, the organisation which helps to build schools and increase educational opportunity in developing countries, has confirmed that Lil Jon opened his second school in the village of Mafi Atitekpo in Ghana. The new school named, Mafi Atitekpo DA Primary School, broke ground in December 2017 and was officially inaugurated in July 2018, and has since been operating since with 313 children enrolled.

Thanks to Lil Jon’s generous donation of $70,000, Pencils of Promise was able to build schools with safe conditions. Most of these schools face overcrowding, forcing some students to learn under a tree outside of the school. Witnessing these learning conditions firsthand during his first trip to Ghana is what motivated Lil Jon to help.

The first school Lil Jon helped to fund in October 2017 was built in honor of late mother, Carrie M.Smith, which currently enrolls nearly 250 students. Overall, PoP is impacting over 35,000 students in Ghana.

“Last year [October of 2017] I went with my family to open up my first Pencils of Promise school in Ghana, and now to have over 300 kids already enrolled in my second school there is incredible! It’s been really fulfilling to see the impact these schools have made on so many of these children’s and families’ futures,” said Lil Jon.

PoP has also teamed up with stars such as Justin Bieber and Olivia Culpo in the past to support these difficult educational systems.

Music Video – Maggi – EEII Nation – Chali Muzik – Afro Beats


Chali Muzik, a London based company has signed a group from Ghana named EEII Nation, who are set to release their first single on iTunes and more for the their video that has gained great feedback from critics. “Maggi” produced by FRESH GYNIUX brings a fresh universal feel to the Afro beats genre and feel it will take storm in the UK and Worldwide. Gadji, who owns Chali Muzik feels very excited about this project and is exploring options not only in the UK and Africa but around the world spreading the new gained buzz surrounding the Afro beats Genre.

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