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Review of Sangeeta Wadhwani Coho Bohemia, the Bombay Artwalk in Worli with Alyque Padamsee, DJ Sin, 2Blue and many more

Coho Bohemia, the Bombay Artwalk, is a movement for people by people…essentially creative people though. A mix of singers, dancers, rappers, poets, authors, ranging from edgy and experimental to urbane know-it-alls, get together on a Saturday afternoon in a beautiful artspace to simply share and grow. Each ‘talent’ gets a 10 to 15 minute segment to share his or her passion and interact briefly with a live audience.
A movement established by an expat author, journalist and Bharat Natyam exponent called Janet Fine, about 15 years ago, it earlier entailed going from one gallery to the next, mostly in downtown Colaba and Kala Ghoda where galleries were walking distances from each other.  After Janet’s untimely demise in 2007, Coho too died a natural death. Sangeeta Wadhwani, a friend of Janets had a dream that reviving Coho could be fun. She called on all of the usual coterie that knew Janet and tried to reassemble the tradition. Only now, it got a notch better with professional sound and evolving talent.  The most recent Coho just took place on May 16 at Gallery Art and Soul, and featured performances from a variety of creative individuals. ..from theatre doyen Alyque Padamsee doing a POP UP workshop on appreciating Shakespeare “whose words should exist between the lips and the listener’s ear” to a soul renting presentation by Trublu aka Judas from the current production of Jesus Christ Superstar. DJ Sin got down to amusing and entertaining the audience with original rap recited with sitar exponent Kumar Madhusudan and tabla player Brijesh. Representatives from Giants International showcased their work building houses for rehabilitation post the Nepal earthquake and immediately raised enough to fund half a new bamboo, earthquake friendly house! And the mellifluous Vikram Malwankar and Aradhana of the Uttama Music Academy revisited a host of ghazals and movie classics. Young author Anjali Kirplani read from her new book Written In the Stars while fashion designer Arti Vijay Gupta presented an installation of her garments all featuring prints of miniature paintings from different ateliers in India.
All in all the magic of Coho continues wherever aesthetics,  music, the written word and theatre get to breathe and expand…! And yes when I the curator Sangeeta Wadhwani,  find enough space and time to assemble all…

DSC07141 DSC07138 DSC07131 DSC07113


DJ Aaron James Live at #TagMumbai on Wed 15th April with DJ Sin

ARRON-JAMESLive at Hash Tag Cafe and Bar, Aaron James is set to turn up the heat to the spot in Mumbai that is rapidly becoming the place to be. With a mix of Hip hop, Crunkstep, Trap, Funky beats and bass, New York based DJ James has opened for many acts in the US including Eminem, Beastie Boys, Lil Kim, Talib Kwali and many more. This is 100% the party to be at this Wednesday and Bombay Hott Radio are excited to be present and apart of this event. For guest-list or more information contact +919833066442

Valenties Night Out feat DJ Sin (London, UK) & DJ Kathy Force (Moscow, Russia)


#Bangalore – Guess you are Bombay Hott Radio’s Valentine this year! Time to Shut down #BangTown … Get at me if you wanna come!


#DJSin (#LondonHottRadio)
#DJKathyForce (#Moscow #Russia)
#Guitarists #MikeAndChetan
@ Big Pitcher Bangalore 14th Feb 2015 – For Tickets call 08045530000

ImageMap of Big Pitcher

 Address: 4121/P, LR Arcade, Old Airport Road, HAL 2nd Stage, Kodihalli, Bangalore, Karnataka 560008, India


DJ Sin (London,UK)

  • Biggest Host and DJ on Bombay Hott Radio, London Hott Radio and Ibiza Hott Radio. 3 Radio Stations.
  • Headlined with Artists such as Akon in Mumbai, DJ Whoo Kid in Mumbai, Black Eyed Peas in London UK, Keith Murray in London UK, Busta Rhymes in Port Elizabeth South Africa, Asian Dub Foundation in Munich Germany, So Solid Crew in London, UK, Mr Cheeks in Mumbai, India, Akshay Kuamar in Pune India and much much more.
  • Produced and released a song with DR Dre’s Son Curtis Young.
  • Released music with many US artists like Mr Cheeks, Solomon Child and more.
  • Nominated for MTV Brand New 2014 in UK,
  • Played at the Palladium’s EXO for VH1 in Mumbai.
  • Tickered on VH1 India in May.
  • Played in Ibiza
  • played in London
  • Played in Germany,
  • Played in Kuala Lumpur
  • Played in Bangkok
  • Featured on Reggae Focus TV in UK

DJ Kathy Force (Moscow, Russia)

  • Her name – Energy, Her life – Motion, Her style – Individuality “SHE CAN ROCK YOUR MIND”
  • Bio
    Her name – Energy, Her life – Motion, Her style – IndividualityThis is a new project that is going to be a real club banger throughout the world of club music. For a long time She played in absolutely different cities, for absolutely different public in absolutely other worlds. However there was only one kind of music that played in their heart…Since 1997 Kathy has been doing music. She finished a music school majoring in a guitar faculty. Kathy went to a random party in 2005 after which she just fell in love with the club life. Since then she has started to prefer exceptionally high quality sound.

    She has learnt DJ skills in different studious as well as on some parties.
    For nearly 7 years now he has played for some of renowned clubs and party places over the Globe such as Russia / India / Spain , Finland and the list goes on….

    The most favourite style is TECH HOUSE , but DOUBLE TROUBLE also progressive house , retro (disco) and deep house
    Kathy is your drug, Helen is your addiction. Once you visited Her performance , you would not be able to miss it out next time ,because when Kathy is playing , she is trying to do her best so she can make you happy.

    The ambitions and charisma of FORCE will help to make the name for her selves on the country at large and Europe in the near future.
    she will open all the secrets of genuine club music. Only with her can dip into the in luscious luxury of neon light, leaving your worries and problem behind. We are your opium 🙂

Kash The Flash 4x World Champion in India for the First Time This December


Get Ready Mumbai and India for Kash The Flash, 4x World Champion in India for the First Time This December.

As far as legends go, Kash the Flash is one of those very unique ones who changed the face of the art of kick boxing. He is a Punjabi who excelled in the world of Kickboxing / Muay Thai and became World champion not once, but 4 times. We are announcing alot of activities from city to city around India and no doubt we will have him interviewed on Bombay Hott Radio and Sports Hott Radio. Also make sure you look out for the introduction party with DJ Sin in Mumbai where we will celebrate the life of Kash the Flash.

Make Sure you don’t miss this.

Kickboxing / Muay Thai Training Sessions – Seminars – Biography Book Signing – Interviews – Special Guest Appearances and much more.

For more information or bookings, Get at us…


Kash “The Flash” Gill is a retired British professional kickboxer who is a former four-times world champion.[1]

Gill became a world champion in kickboxing at the age of 21.[2] He formally retired from fighting in 2002. In 1991, he won the World Kickboxing Association (WKA) light middleweight and super welterweight full contact titles.[citation needed] The following year he won the WKA middleweight championship.[citation needed] He was the International Sport Karate Association freestyle champion of 1993



Born in 1966 and bought up in inner city Handsworth, Kash had a tough upbringing. His mother died when he was only nine, leaving his father working 18 hour days as a factory worker to support him, his sister and four brothers. Always a sporty child, Kash discovered kickboxing at the age of 14 when he saw a demo in a local park went down for a trial session and fell in love with the sport which was to become his life.

Gill’s natural speed and athletic ability as well as his flashy showmanship soon earned him the nickname ‘The Flash’. By 1984, having earned his black belt, Gill at the age of 18, had entered and won his first competition in a three-round contest in full-contact karate.

The list of world kickboxing titles that Kash picked up and added to his collection over the next few years was impressive and his rise to fame gathered impetus in 1986 when he blasted his way to a gold medal at the World PKA Amateur Full Contact Championships. He scaled new heights in his career, collecting his first Professional world title, the WKA Junior Middleweight in 1991 when he also won the World full contact Karate championships. In the two consecutive years following, he went on to win the WKA World Middleweight kickboxing title and the ISKA World Light Middleweight title. Despite his success in the ring, Kash still has his feet firmly planted on the ground. The man behind the world champion is an extremely likeable one and he is a sensational coach. Do not let the Flash stage persona fool you, Kash is a charismatic man that cares about his community and the people in it – he is a true peoples champion and a positive role model. He is currently working with local schools to promote the importance of health and fitness and is hugely involved in fundraising and working with local charities that help disadvantaged youths in the area where he grew up.

In 2008 Kash achieved his lifelong dream and opened his own gym with the aim of uniting people from all communities in a love of fitness and sport. His gym in Icknield Port Road, Edgbaston includes a boxing ring, plenty of floor space, punch bags, showers and a sauna and offers a variety of classes to suit all ages and abilities.

Kash is currently working with Author Shirley Thompson on his autobiography, due for release in July 2012, which looks at the life of Kash ‘The Flash’ Gill, not just as a fighter but as a young kid from a big family, growing up in inner city Birmingham.


In December 2011, Kash Gill fought former world kickboxing champion Don “The Dragon” Wilson in a mixed martial arts cage match in Kazakhstan. The bout was originally billed as an exhibition, but Wilson, 57, was awarded the decision at the end of the match.

Naari Chakra gets screened exclusively at Chitkara Media School, Rajpura


Naari Chakra, a movie trailer thats been making the rounds over the last few months is finally getting seen by the public at an Exclusive screening at Chitkara Media School, Rajpura.

Round of applause at the end of the screening which Dipanshu Dang described as a really amazing feeling.

Press coverage will be in The Tribune newspaper tomorrow in India and the movie has gained attention from more press as there has been a Meeting a reporter from Indian Express for exclusive interview..

This movie is a product of a hard working team in India and are arranging screenings in London, UK and many other parts of the world. Do look out for this movie and lets stand behind the fight against forced prostitution in India and the world.
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