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Fresh off the boat 3rd Edition – Variety show feat KOJO

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FRESH OFF THE BOAT 3rd Edition – Variety show. @
The greenwood theatre, 55 Weston street, London, SE1 3RA (London bridge)

Acts on the night:
KOJO (host on the nite)
Travis Jay
Ade comedian
Vicky sola
U.K. Africa Acrobat

DJ on the night:


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For more information and group booking contact:
BIGBOI – 07984658357

Chaar Cutting | Exclusive Official Trailer | Releasing 29th May


Thanks to the films like Bombay Talkies, short films are fast turning into the much-preferred medium for emerging filmmakers to tell their stories. While YouTube was the only channel available earlier to market these films, things are fast changing with PVR putting its weight behind inspiring short films and helping it get a theatrical release.


Jamuura in association with Celebstall is releasing their first feature film, “CHAAR CUTTING” a compilation of four short stories of different genres  – thriller, drama, love story and comedy, in theatres on May 29.


The four shorts featuring in Chaar Cutting are Skin Deep (written by Vikramadiya Motwane of Lootera and Udaan fame and directed by his assistant Hardik Mehta), Blouse (directed by Vijayeta Kumar), Manila Running (directed by Anuj Gulati), and Bawdi (directed by Vivek Soni).


The film will be releasing in Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Ahemdabad through PVR Director’s Rare.


Hardik Mehta’s Skin Deep is about how an excited young couple’s first ‘adventure’ of wanting to make love, is tested, when the guy discovers the extra piece of foreskin that causes hindrance in making love. What happens when he decides to undergo circumcision is to be seen. Aiti Vasudev and Naveen Kasturia of Suleimaani Keeda fame play the leads in this quirky short film.


The movie has been screened at multiple international film festivals  including, River to River Florence Indian Film Festival, Italy , Extravagant India, Paris, Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, New York Indian Film Festival, New York


Directed by Vijayeta Kumar, Blouse is a quirky tale that revolves around Shyam getting the perfect blouse stitched for his beloved wife Roopa from the famous Babu tailor. The only predicament is Shyam lost the sample blouse piece of his wife and Babu asks him to ogle at the bosoms of other women to get tentative measurements that would suit his wife. The film produced by Ranjan Singh stars Sumeet Vyas (English Vinglish), Imran Rashid, Ronjini Chakraborty and Preeti Sharma in the lead roles.


The film which was an official selection at many prestigious international and Indian film festivals including Indisches Film Festival Stuttgart, Chicago South Asian Film Festival,  Florida Film Festival, Dallas-Fort Worth South Asian Film Festival, Ascona Film Festival, Switzerland, Festival de Contemporary Cinema, Kathmandu, Mumbai Women’s International Film Festival, Bangalore International Short Film Festival, Jagran Film Festival and won the award of Best short at New York Indian Film Festival, Best Script Jaipur International Film Festival.


Anuj Gulati’s Manila Running will see the central character Jacques caught in a quagmire of predicaments in Philippines where he has landed to get himself an operation that he is too shy to talk about. The movie has already been screened at many prestigious international festivals and was awarded the most prominent ones being Recognition of Achievement in Directing, Producing, Acting, Editing & Location Sound in 2012 NYU First Run Film Festival, Singapore.


Written and directed by Vivek Soni, Bawdi revolves around drought-hit village and explores the plight of the water-starved villagers made worse by the arrival of a cola plant. As the situation grows bad, villagers start getting their daughters married outside their cursed village. Victimized by nature and circumstances, a young couple in love embarks on their arduous struggle to get married.


Bawdi which stars Priyanshu Painyuli, Sonal Joshi, Uday Chandra in the lead roles was screened at more than 10 international and India festivals including Clermont Ferrand Film Festival 2013, France, 10th Indian Film Festival Stuttgart, Germany where is was nominated for “Best Short Film” & “Audience Award”, 15th Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival, Israel,  Ca’ Foscari Short Film Festival, Italy 2013, Mumbai International Short Film Festival, Delhi International Film Festival 2012 where it won “Best Student Film”, 6th International Documentaries and Short Film Festival of Kerala, Pune International Film Festival 2013 where it was nominated for “Best Cinematography” and “Sound Design”.


Munish Tewari, the founder of Jamuura, an online platform that is spearheading these four films says, “Short films are not widely considered as an option for entertainment yet. However, we believe that this is an extremely potent medium to bring out the many brilliant stories, which don’t require substantial resources and 150 minutes to be effectively created and consumed. Our aim is to create a bridge between the new generation of storytellers and audiences, through a collaborative and transparent system, which safeguards the interest of the filmmaker. With Chaar Cutting we have tried to put together 4 entertaining films we believe the viewers will enjoy.”

Jimmy Fallon Got Carlton and DJ Jazzy Jeff to Help Him Re-create Fresh Prince Intro


Jimmy Fallon is taping in L.A. all this week, so naturally, he decided to celebrate the occasion by re-creating the intro to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Fallon also did Fresh Prince bit his first night on The Tonight Show and once sang the show’s theme song as Neil Young, so at this point, it’s pretty clear that Fresh Prince is his comedy security blanket.

‘Big Bang Theory’ Trio Inks New Deals, Securing Hefty Pay Raises


Three of The Big Bang Theory‘s five stars have reached a new deal with studio Warner Bros. Television.

Following prolonged negotiations that resulted in abrief production delay, stars Jim ParsonsJohnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco have inked rich new three-year deals to return to the CBS hit, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar are still in negotiations, but an agreement is expected to be reached this week. Warner Bros. Television declined to comment.

The show, which was renewed for three additional seasons through its 10th run, likely resumes production Wednesday after a one-week delay that occurred when the five stars refused to return to work without new deals. (Their contracts expired in May at the end of season seven.)

Emmy-winner Parsons, Galecki and Cuoco negotiated together and were seeking big salary increases. Sources tell THR that the trio, who currently earn $325,000 per episode, likely secured about $1 million per half-hour with an increased cut of the show’s backend. The deals are said to bring the three into the Friends region, with that cast negotiating together and locking in $1 million per episode with studio WBTV. (Big Bang Theory is a massive hit in syndication, with TBS’ repeats regularly topping the weekly syndication ratings.) The pacts are also said toinclude a greater percentage of the show’s back-end, overall deals and more.

Co-stars Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch previously inked new deals with WBTV, with both earning big raises in September when the cast’s contract talks began.

It’s unclear if the one-week delay will result in a reduced episode from the show’s standard 24, though it typically takes three weeks to turn in a completed episode and the delay could likely be overcome during the season.

The three-season renewal gave the cast considerable leverage — especially considering Big Bang is TV’s No. 1 comedy among total viewers, a metric it has held since the 2010-11 season. Season seven regularly topped 20 million viewers per week, up 4 percent year-over-year, with an impressive 6.1 rating among the advertiser-coveted adults 18-49 demographic. The show is also a hit in syndication on TBS, with repeats often topping some of the Big Four broadcast networks’ original fare. Big Bang is again nominated for best comedy series, but the show has yet to take home that trophy. Parsons — a three-time winner — is nominated for the seventh time for his starring turn as Sheldon Cooper.

The cast was a no-show last month at San Diego Comic-Con, where for the second year in a row, the panel consisted of series writers. Last year, Galecki made a surprise appearance with Rauch moderating. Parsons was at Comic-Con the day before the show’s panel to DreamWorks Animation’s Home, in which he has a voice role.

Meanwhile, showrunner Steve Molaro has a three-year overall deal (his first) with WBTV, and co-creator/EP Chuck Lorre is also under contract with the studio. Securing Big Bang Theory‘s future was a top priority for CBS, which last season bade farewell to Monday staple How I Met Your Mother. CBS recently scored rights to Thursday night NFL games, pushing Big Bang Theory to Mondays for the first few weeks of season eight, before it returns to Thursdays. The network, which sources say did not have a contingency plan in place had the cast not reupped, is looking to The Big Bang Theory to help launch rookie drama Scorpion on Mondays at 9 p.m., after abandoning its two-hour comedy block that night.

For his part, Lorre didn’t see the contract negotiations as a problem. “There are people at Warner Brothers Television and people representing the actors who have done this before,” he told THR this month. “This will work itself out. I think it’s great; I want them all to be crazy wealthy because nobody deserves it more than this cast. It’ll work out.”

The cast’s new deal comes after the Modern Family co-creator/EP Christopher Lloyd staged a walkout before — missing the first week of work in the writers room — until he had reached a new deal with studio 20th Century Fox Television. The Emmy-winning comedy’s cast also had a well-documented and contentious contract renegotiation in 2012 that threatened to delay production, which concluded with the six adult actors earning major pay increases.

Source: Lesley.Goldberg The Hollywood Report 

Celebrate Dave Chappelle’s New One-Man Show by Reliving the Funniest Night on Earth


It was a routine Wednesday at the Comedy Cellar in N.Y.C….until Dave Chappelle dropped in for a surprise set. The unicorn of comedy then proceeded to invite a few famous audience members onstage for what morphed into a kind of roast/toast/love-in/improv session—and an instant classic in the annals of funny. On the eve of Chappelle’s five-night run at Radio City this month—his biggest professional moment in more than a decade—we asked the guys who were there that night (including the unicorn himself) a simple question: How the hell did this happen?

Chris Rock: Dave is like Prince.

Marlon Wayans: Like Bigfoot. You know he exists, but he’s the hardest guy to lock down.

Rock: You never know when he’s going to show up. That night was a comedy booty call from Dave. [in Chappelle’s voice]”I’m in town, man! You should come on down!” Dave’s my favorite comedian. So…

Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson: I was on a date in Brooklyn, and I was trying not to look at my phone, but I heard a beep and saw the name Rock: “I’m down here at the Cellar. Chappelle’s going on in twenty minutes.” That was the fastest “Check, please!” I’ve ever said in my life.

Wayans: I was out with Bill [Bellamy] after a Knicks game and hit Kevin [Hart] up. He was in town to host SNL. He was like, “Yo, I’m at the Comedy Cellar. Chappelle and Rock are here.” I was like, “Word. Let’s go.”

Thompson: I lied to my date and said I’d been called into the studio. I can always blame it on D’Angelo, because he’s like the musical booty call. He’ll call and say, “Hey, what are you doing? I want to lay a track down. Come on over.” So once I call my date a car service, I get myself a cab. I tell my driver to “do 100! We’ve got fifteen minutes to get to the Comedy Cellar!” And I was not the only one pulling up to the curb and running inside like their life depended on it. The entire black comedy world was breaking their necks to get in. Inside, there’s a special table that only the comics sit at. It’s like the big-kids’ table. And the first thing I notice is it’s the black Last Supper. I grabbed the only seat left: There’s a piano onstage, and I took the bench.

Kevin Hart: Chris does his set, and when he comes off the stage, Dave comes in. So me and Chris went and sat in the back to watch.

Thompson: Chappelle gets up and riffs for forty-five minutes about—who’s the guy with the prosthetic legs? Oscar Pistorius? Dave was talking about how Pistorius would be the least vulnerable guy in prison, because all he has to do is scrape his legs on the steel bars every night. He started making this sharpening noise, and we were just done, all of us.

Photo: Kwaku Alston/ Corbis Outline

Hart: Me and Chris were joking about how Dave was just so much better than us—the thought process behind his jokes. How he makes it look effortless. We were all doing the same thing—running material we were working on. We were pretty much all in the gym—basketball players getting our jump shots. And Dave’s way of doing it was just levels above. He’s in a different realm. He’s out of this world, man. Ridiculous.

Bill Bellamy: Me and Marlon walk in, and Dave is onstage.

Wayans: He was talking about this crazy shit. He was balling out of control, like he wants to start doing weird shit, like showing up at places in helium balloons.

Bellamy: When Dave was 18 or so, I hosted a night at this club in East Orange, New Jersey—the Peppermint Lounge—where he used to perform. So I know if he sees me, he’s gonna go crazy. He sees me. He says, “People, this is unbelievable. I think I’m having a flashback.”

Thompson: Then, one by one, he just called them up, kind of like the Harlem Globetrotters’ Magic Circle.

Bellamy: Kevin Hart walks out. And here comes Chris Rock. People go goddamn crazy. Then Dave was like, “Who else is in here?” That was rich. So then me and Marlon come up. And we just start passing the microphone, telling stories about each other. It was a Black Pack moment.

Wayans: The stage is small as all hell. It’s like—put it this way, my house growing up in the projects probably was slightly bigger than that stage. Thank God there wasn’t ten of us on it.

Hart: We started telling about some of the first things that we did with one another, the first times that we met. We were segueing between each other. Someone’s talking about Bill’s Peppermint Lounge and how people used to go over there and bomb.

Bellamy: It was organic. I knew it was magical, based on the reactions of the people at the Cellar. They were like, “Oh, my God!” I told a story about one time, Dave was standing outside my club looking lost, just a little skinny kid from D.C., not famous yet. And he needed a ride home. And I gave him a ride back to New York. I had this real fly car at the time, a brand-new Acura, and he was like, “Man, when I get rich, I’ve got to get me one of these.”

Thompson: Chris was very quiet—just wisely playing the back. He played it real cool, and then when he had a moment, he said what he had to say, and it was hilarious.

Rock: I’m a hanger backer, anyway, in life. I’m the oldest of seven. So I’m used to letting my younger brothers do whatever they’re gonna do. I was literally just enjoying the moment. You know, we’re not musicians. We’re not in a band. Comedians, if you get good, you’re always out there by yourself. Stand-ups are boxers. They generate the most excitement of anyone in sports, and they have the saddest endings. People wonder why guys get really famous and stop doing stand-up. It’s fucking lonely. The times that you’re onstage with somebody of your level of success are very rare. The other thing is we’re all grown-ups. If this had happened twenty years earlier, there might have been a fight onstage. But now everybody’s been married. Everybody has kids. Divorces. We’re all very secure in who we are. That was an essential element. The evening would not have happened without that.

Hart: It was a highlight of my life. It was Dave’s thing. I’m telling you. We were up there watching Dave. Being fans. Fans of Chappelle.

Rock: Dave’s got the best quote about comedy I’ve ever heard. He says, “Comedy is a language I speak well.” That’s what it feels like with him. It doesn’t feel like an act. It feels like a guy speaking his first language. He’s so natural with it. He takes his time. He’s got a lot of Bill Cosby in him. We hear cursing and sex and we think Richard Pryor. But to me, Dave’s closer to Cosby than anybody. He has the balls to take his time and set something up.

Hart: That crowd got something money can’t buy. They got authenticity.

Rock: Yeah, it was kind of a lovefest. Though I’m not a sentimental guy. Anytime it gets too sappy, somebody’s got to say some funny shit.

Bellamy: I remember Chris saying Marlon fucked one of his ex-girlfriends.

Wayans: Dave says something about my mama’s vagina, about her having ten kids. I said, “Don’t make me call all the Negroes that came up out that vagina. You don’t want to get the Wayans beat-down.” He goes, “Oh, please don’t call them niggas.” Then Kev told this story about how he spilled liquor on Beyoncé once, and all of us was like, “Time out, Negro. Your stories are starting to include people that normal people don’t hang out with.” That’s when you know you’re making too much money.

Bellamy: Chris said something to Kevin that congratulated him on his success—but it was like, “You may be hot right now, but Dave Chappelle is hot forever.”

Rock: You’re not going to sit there and let other people be funnier than you. I mean, I like Kevin, but come on. I’m not conceding. Please. Kevin starred in Soul Plane. So, you tell him that you love him, but you got to remind him of Soul Plane.

Wayans: Everybody on that stage was different. Dave is the kind of guy that takes years to make a painting and then goes, “Nah, I don’t want to sell it. I’ll put it in this gallery for a little bit of time, but I’m not going to sell it.” Chris is the kind of guy who will draw something, erase it, draw it again, erase it, draw it again a different way, erase it, draw it in color, erase it, fill it out, erase it. You know, Chris is an artist like that. Like a mad scientist putting down comedic formulas. And Kev—Kev is one of those guys that makes a painting and says, “This is the greatest painting ever.” And you go, “Wow, that is a great-ass painting!” And you had no idea he had the time to even draw it. Bill has been doing it so long that he’s just a master of ceremony. He always puts out something that you go, “Man, that’s some good art right there.” You know, “How come this didn’t sell for $100 million?” You know? And Bill, not only are his paintings good, but, you know, he has a good canvas.  You know, he’s a good-looking dude. It’s hard for people to root for the fine nigga, but Bill, you know, Bill has been doing this for twenty years, and consistently. Me? I’m just learning how to paint.

Bellamy: This was a moment when we wasn’t working, we wasn’t in the hustle and bustle. We were just in the club where it all started for everybody, and we could say how much we love and appreciate each other’s talent. It wasn’t a roast. It was a tribute.

Wayans: It could have been thirty minutes. It could have been an hour. I’m not sure, because time was going by so fast because we was all laughing so much. And Quest is just up there like hitting the piano sometimes when some jokes are out of bounds.

Thompson: It was about being a witness to a great moment. I gave up a great date with a hot girl. I threw it away just to rush to this club to watch history.

Rock:  And it’ll never happen again. There’s no Coachella of comedy where we all get together, you know? There was definitely an afterglow. I remember coming back to the club a few nights later and thinking I was gonna go on, but—eh. Everything felt like a letdown after that for a minute. Like: I don’t feel like getting on a lonely stage right now.

Dave Chappelle: I had no idea all those guys were going to be there. You know, comedy is surprisingly competitive. It’s like being in the Karate Kidtournament every night. I’ve known these guys for years and have always respected their talent, but on that night I got to experience it up close. That’s why it was special. But it made me laugh that Ahmir told his date he needed to go to the studio. Why didn’t he just bring her to the show?

This is an extended version of the story.

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