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Atletico de Kolkata vs Mumbai City FC 3-0 Full highlights ISL 12/10/14

Atletico de Kolkata vs Mumbai City FC 3-0 Full highlights ISL 12/10/14

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Diddy’s Wild Night — Hangs with J.Lo!! But Gets His Maybach Scratched Up

Diddy’s Wild Night — Hangs with J.Lo!! But Gets His Maybach Scratched Up


Diddy had a huge night … hitting up 2 L.A. hot spots where Jennifer Lopez also happened to be — and there was a reunion — but on the down side his Maybach got jacked up by an overzealous photog.

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Our friend DJ Mustard has had an incredible summer—producing for pretty much every major song over the last 12 months, including most of YG’s banger of an album, My Krazy Life (which includes “Bicken Back Bein’ Bool”)—and so now that winter is coming and you’re spending your weekends dreading it, we’re here to extend your summer even further with the premiere of the video for “Ghetto Tales,” a track from DJ Mustard’s new album, 10 Summers.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Narendra Modi In New York (HBO)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Narendra Modi In New York (HBO)

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Narendra Modi, the Prime Minster of India visited New York and did some classic New York things.
Also, some weird, inexplicable things.

PM Modi speech Live from Madison Square Garden, New York, USA

PM Modi speech Live from Madison Square Garden, New York, USA


Watch Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi speech Live from Madison Square Garden, New York City of US, addressing an Indo-American gathering. This would be the first time that Modi will be giving a speech in US after becoming Prime Minister of India. PM Modi speech in US It is being called as a historic moment after he was denied entry into the country in 2005.

New York artist creates ‘art’ that is invisible and collectors are paying millions

New York artist creates ‘art’ that is invisible and collectors are paying millions


27-year-old artist Lana Newstrom says she is the first artist in the world to create invisible “art.”  In a documentary, “This is That,” traveled to her empty studio to learn more about Lana and her unusual  artistic process.

“Just because you can’t see anything, doesn’t mean I didn’t put hours of work into creating a particular piece”

Lana Newstrom, Artist

“Art is about imagination and that is what my work demands of the people interacting with it. You have to imagine a painting or sculpture is in front of you,” says Newstrom.

Paul Rooney, Lana’s agent, believes she might be the greatest artist alive working today: “When she describes what you can’t see, you begin to realize why one of her invisible works can fetch upwards of a million dollars.” said Rooney.

Do you think Fashion is about what you wear?

Do you think Fashion is about what you wear?

logos223694_503678709651463_1918496667_nby Erika Miranda (Bombay Hott Radio)

Every woman asks herself a question every morning, whether to go to work or just hang with the girls? The answer is no, alot of women ask themselves what they should wear. It’s not about what you wear, it’s all about who you wear. Every girl can afford to buy a top but everyone can’t afford a top with a name.

Before the 21st century people called it clothes,  a shirt, a skirt or a dress. But today we have names like Zara, DKNY, Prada, Gucci, Dolce & so many more. It’s really funny because people stopped saying “Nice outfit” and now-a-days all they say “damn Prada huh…!?!?!”

Has the fashion industry changed the way people think about style? It’s disappointing to see people going to the gym only to wear the perfect dress. In the movie Bride Wars, Kate Hudson said “You don’t alter Vera Wang for your body; you alter your body for Vera Wang”. There are movies out there that have given women another reason to be judged. Gone are the days, when women look at themselves & try to tailor an outfit for the perfect evening. Today it’s all about tailoring your body for a dress. Women always have been put through the pressures of looking good to impress a man but today it’s all seems to be about making another woman jealous. The bigger the brand, the more the jealousy. I used to remember looking at catalogs to either pick a dress or the material, but now it’s all about which diet plan does one need to get into the outfit.

The biggest crime this industry has done is show size 0 runway models. First of all, women don’t like numbers, hence, you never ask a woman her age or how much she weighs because woman like to judge themselves but not be judged. Sometimes when one calls another fat, she doesn’t look in the mirror to see if she is fat but looks in the mirror to understand if that’s what her husband or boyfriend feels. Women make fashion a part of every aspect in life. I have seen young girls still in school wearing clothes I still can’t afford but want to buy just to fit in. Before peer pressure was all about sex & drugs but today it’s played its way into fashion as well. If you don’t wear the latest brands you will never fit in. This is the message the fashion industry has given young children. School children today know who D&G, Prada, Mango and Zara are.

Today it’s not just about clothing, it’s also about who you are, as people are judged or accepted based on what they are rather than who they are. You maybe the dumbest girl in the world but you will be my best friend if you are spending all daddies’ hard earned money on designer labelled cloths than a proper education. If you are not educated with 16 years of academics, you can always work in the fashion industry as a model, beautician or a stylist but not as lawyers, doctors or CEOs.

Moral : Be you and set trends, don’t follow them to fit into today’s Oxymoron Society… DJ Sin

Below: Jimmy Kimmel visits Fashion Week is wrapping up in New York City so we sent a crew to Lincoln Center and asked people about designers, trends and events that do not exist. Somehow that didn’t stop them from giving their opinions in this special Fashion Week Edition of #LieWitnessNews.

India’s first Mars satellite ‘Mangalyaan’ enters orbit

India’s first Mars satellite ‘Mangalyaan’ enters orbit


India has successfully put a satellite into orbit around Mars, becoming the fourth country to do so.

The Mangalyaan robotic probe, one of the cheapest interplanetary missions ever, will soon begin work studying the Red Planet’s atmosphere.

A 24-minute engine burn slowed the probe down enough to allow it to be captured by Mars’ gravity.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the country had achieved the “near impossible”.

Speaking at the mission control centre in the southern city of Bangalore he said: “The odds were stacked against us. Of 51 missions attempted in world only 21 have succeeded. We have prevailed.”

Only the US, Europe and Russia have previously sent missions to Mars, but India is the first country to succeed on its first attempt.

The latest US satellite, Maven, arrived at Mars on Monday.

US space agency Nasa congratulated its Indian counterpart, the Indian Space and Research Organization (Isro), on Wednesday’s success.

“We congratulate @ISRO for its Mars arrival! @MarsOrbiter joins the missions studying the Red Planet,” the agency tweeted.

From early in the morning, there was an atmosphere of excitement and tension at the Indian Space Agency’s Mission Tracking Centre in Bangalore.

Scientists, many of them women and several of them young, were seated in front of their computer monitors tracking the progress of Mangalyaan.

Giant screens above their heads fed a steady stream of data, graphics and sequence of operations. The first whoops broke out when Mangalyaan successfully fired up its liquid engine, the first in a series of critical moves to make sure that the spacecraft was able to launch into the planet’s gravitational pull.

Then there was an agonising 20 minutes, when Mangalyaan disappeared behind Mars and beyond contact.

But there was no mistaking the moment, when the scientists all rose as one, cheered, clapped, hugged each other and exchanged high fives – ­ confirmation that Mangalyaan was now on an elliptical orbit around Mars.

After PM Modi’s congratulations, they poured out into the open and the bright sunlight, beaming as they took in the adulation.

“Thrilled to be a part of history,” one young scientist told me. “It’s like hitting a golf ball from Bangalore to London and getting it into the hole in one go,” deputy operations director, BN Ramkrishna said. “It’s got to be that precise.”


‘Better than cricket’

PM Narendra Modi: “We have dared to reach out into the unknown”

Mars Orbiter MissionA 24-minute engine burn slowed the probe down enough to allow it to be captured by Mars’ gravity

Mr Modi congratulated the scientists and said: “Today all of India should celebrate our scientists. Schools, colleges should applaud this.”

“If our cricket team wins a tournament, the nation celebrates. Our scientists’ achievement is greater,” he said.

The total cost of the Indian mission has been put at 4.5bn rupees ($74m; £45m), which makes it one of the cheapest interplanetary space missions ever. Nasa’s recent Maven mission cost $671m.

The Mangalyaan probe will now set about taking pictures of the planet and studying its atmosphere.

One key goal is to try to detect methane in the Martian air, which could be an indicator of biological activity at, or more likely just below, the surface.

Nasa has put four robot rovers on Mars since 1997 – the latest and biggest of them all, the one-tonne vehicle known as Curiosity, landed on the Red Planet in August 2012. Unlike Curiosity, the Indian probe will not land on Mars.

Mangalyaan – more formally referred to as Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) – was launched from the Sriharikota spaceport on the coast of the Bay of Bengal on 5 November 2013.

MOMMars Orbiter Mission (MOM) is one of the cheapest interplanetary missions ever undertaken
Source : BBC News
Dr. Dre Tops Forbes’ 2014 Cash Kings List (Again), Jay Z, Diddy & Drake Follow

Dr. Dre Tops Forbes’ 2014 Cash Kings List (Again), Jay Z, Diddy & Drake Follow


1. Dr. Dre: $620 million
2. Jay Z: $60 million
2. Diddy: $60 million
4. Drake: $33 million
5. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: $32 million
6. Kanye West: $30 million
7. Birdman: $24 million
8. Lil Wayne: $23 million
9. Pharrell: $22 million
10. Eminem: $18 million
11. Nicki Minaj: $14 million
12. Wiz khalifa: $13 million
13. Pitbull: $12 million
14. Snoop Dogg: $10 million
15. Kendrick Lamar: $9 million
16. Ludacris: $8 million
16. Tech N9ne: $8 million
16. Swizz Beatz: $8 million
16. 50 Cent: $8 million
20. Rick Ross: $7 million
20. J. Cole: $7 million
20. DJ Khaled: $7 million
20. Lil Jon: $7 million
20. Mac Miller: $7 million

i – Kendrick Lemar

i – Kendrick Lemar


Kendrick Lamar
Prod. by Rahki
• Mixed By Ali

There’s some music I’ve been listening to that I haven’t really been talking about. I haven’t been listening to any rap for the last six months. I bought the whole Isley Brothers collection. I know all these songs, because they were playing in my house growing up,” he said, “but I didn’t know what I was singing … Now, I realise they were talking about some serious relationship shit – being in love, being out of love … They were on some grown shit. - Kendrick Lamar