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Music Video – Tameka “Tiny” Harris (T.I.’s Wife) – What The F*ck You Gon – What The F@#K You Gon Do?

Music Video – Tameka “Tiny” Harris (T.I.’s Wife) – What The F*ck You Gon – What The F@#K You Gon Do?


Tiny Harris Drops a big record and Bombay Hott Radio love it. Song goes back to the pure R&B Vibe of the 90′s that is missing today.

T.I. spoke with MTV about Tiny’s single. When the Atlanta rapper was first asked about  “What The F**k You Gon Do?” he replied by saying he had “no reaction” to the track and called it “comedy.”

The Hustle Gang boss did reveal that Tiny asked him if he wanted to review the song before it was released, but Tip said he decided to experience hearing the single with the rest of the general public. He now thinks the audience’s reaction to “What The F**k You Gon Do?” has been positive.

“I’ve been hearing very very good things about it, [from] people in the community, just saying that it’s a lot better than the stuff they’ve been hearing lately — so that’s good,” added Tip. “[Tiny] kinda has her own ideas about business so I stay out of it.”

Police in Ferguson Fire Tear Gas on Protesters Standing in Their Own Backyard

Police in Ferguson Fire Tear Gas on Protesters Standing in Their Own Backyard

Bombay Hott Radio do not block the news…

Last night police in riot gear marched down West Florissant Avenue, ordering people to leave the area and firing tear gas onto the streets. Police even fired tear gas into the backyard of a home where several people held their “hands up” in what’s become a symbol of protest over the shooting of Michael Brown.


Daily RFT caught the melee on video.

The incident occurred after police had already evacuated nearly everybody on West Florissant Avenue. Between tear gas firings, a police officer bellowed “go home” into a loudspeaker. It took about an hour, but nearly everybody within vicinity of the police left the streets.Yet a group of four male protesters remained defiant on West Florissant, screaming profanities at the police and putting their hands in the air. The police responded with threats of tear gas.

“Turn around and leave or we will deploy gas,” shouted a police officer through a loudspeaker. Residents in their backyards pleaded for the men to get out of the street. After a few minutes of prodding, they did so. But the police still decided to advance.

Standing in his backyard along with a few friends and family was 24-year-old Rich West. And after seeing the police deploy tear gas as they marched down the empty street, West and his friends felt like protesting.

“You go home! You go home!” they chanted. As the police come closer, they all put their hands up.

Once again, the police officer with the megaphone ordered the protesters to go home.

“We’re in our yard!” they responded.

At one point West walked to his fence with his hands high up in the air.

“This my property! This my property!” he shouted, prompting police to fire a tear gas canister directly at his face. He moved at the last second.

“This my shit!” West screamed irately after narrowly avoiding the gas canister. Eventually a friend grabbed him and pulled him back to calm him down.

“This is my backyard! This is my shit!” West continued screaming into the camera. He turned to the police: “Y’all go the fuck home!”

“This is our home. This is our residence,” West’s brother added. “Why do you think people say ‘fuck the police?’ Because of that shit.”

Flora Busby, West’s mother, a soft-spoken woman in her 60s, came into the backyard to see if her sons were alright.

“We in our backyard!” she said. “Why you gotta shoot us?”

Again West shouted at the police. And again they fired another gas canister into the yard — this one nearly hitting his house.

“It’s pure ignorance,” West responded after catching his breath. “I pay property taxes here. I should be able to be in my backyard any time.”

He said that regular harassment by the Ferguson police department, often in the form of traffic stops, has been occurring ever since he was sixteen years old.

“They ain’t gotta be throwing tear gas in my backyard,” added Busby. “This is my property. We were just standing back there, my son was standing back there, and I go to see about him and they threw it.”

She continued: “I’m angry about that. They shouldn’t be doing that. And they didn’t need to kill the poor little boy. ”

Contributed by Nicky Di Vinci

Busta Rhymes (spoof) – Busta Seam Got The Mall In Check

Busta Rhymes (spoof) – Busta Seam Got The Mall In Check


BUSTA SEAM – I Got The Mall In Check
Dre Parker spoofs “whoo haa” all respect to Busta Rhymes, it’s all in fun! please share for laughs! :D


Lauryn Hill performing at the Outlook Festival in Croatia

Lauryn Hill performing at the Outlook Festival in Croatia


Outlook festival is thrilled to announce it opens once again in the amazing and truly unique venue of the Roman Amphitheater in Pula. The event will be held a day before the main festival and open the event in spectacular style. Around 2000 years old and one of the six largest Roman amphitheaters in the world, the remarkable venue of Pula Amphitheatre will showcase some huge artists. The Amphitheatre offers festival attendees a chance to party in one of the most surreal and beautiful places in the world that definitely has to be experienced.

  • Due to the limited capacity of the venue, the Opening Concert is a separately ticketed event to the Festival.
  • Boat transfers between the festival site and amphitheatre are available to book at the bottom of this page

Performing Live

Ms. Lauryn Hill

This year’s headliner is as intriguing as she is sensational: Formerly of the Fugees, Ms Lauryn Hill takes centre stage with her critically acclaimed solo show, for what is Outlook’s most ambitious booking yet.

Photo by: Karl Ferguson (

with support from

Andrew Ashong – Fatima – Submotion Orchestra

There will be plenty of soulful vibes completing the line-up: Andrew Ashong will perform his unique blend of psych-soul funk, while London-based vocalist Fatima will show off her remarkable talent with the full Eglo Live band, after years spent collaborating with a versatile range of legendary artists, all accompanied by the bass-infused symphonies laid out by the acclaimed Submotion Orchestra.

Standing tickets are on sale from 35€ / £25 (+bf) but if you would like to reserve your spot in the tiered seating area VIP tickets are on sale from 48€ / £38 (+bf).

VIP seating

Transport between the festival and amphitheatre

Quick and easy transport is available from the Harbour Stage on the festival site direct to the port in the City of Pula – a two minutes walk from the Amphitheatre. Enjoy a beer whilst taking the scenic route across the water in to Pula for this amazing concert.

Drake vs lil Wayne – Drake clowns loyal song by Chris brown” to funny in Chicago

Drake vs lil Wayne – Drake clowns loyal song by Chris brown” to funny in Chicago


Drake clowns loyal song at 57 mark lol!!! Video credit: Lisa Nguyen

Tim Shieff Video Free Run

Tim Shieff Video Free Run


Robin Williams’ Family Guy episode showing failed suicide attempt was on BBC Three minutes before death was announced

Robin Williams’ Family Guy episode showing failed suicide attempt was on BBC Three minutes before death was announced


An episode of cartoon comedy Family Guy about Robin Williams featuring a failed suicide attempt went out at almost exactly the time his death was announced.

Viewers were shocked over the uncanny timing after watching the episode called Fatman and Robin, where Peter Griffin is cursed with the ability to turn everything he touches into Robin Williams.

During the episode Peter tries to commit suicide in a desperate attempt to stop the clones appearing, before eventually chopping both his hands off to end the spell.

The internet is full of comments about the bizarre coincidence with most people calling it “weird” after watching it air on BBC 3 at 11.25pm.

Williams passed away after a reported suicide attempt on Monday afternoon at his family home in California and the news broke around 11.50pm.

The comedian’s death was reported on several news outlets at the same time the show was being screened.

In the episode Peter is watching Williams – his favorite comedian – when another comedian, Jeff Ross, insults his hero.

Peter runs outside in the middle of a thunderstorm and accuses God of hating Williams and wishing that everyone was the comedian before he gets struck by lightning.

Upon waking up in the hospital, Peter discovers he has gained the ability to turn everyone and everything he touches into Williams in a rip-off of the Greek legend about King Midas turning everything he touches into gold.

A spokeswoman for the BBC described it as an “uncanny coincidence” and said plans to repeat the episode this Friday had been pulled.

She said workers realised the episode ended just as the comedian’s death was announced.

Scheduling takes place at least two weeks before the programme is aired and the same episode has been repeated several times before and was down to be repeated on Friday.

The spokeswoman added: “It was due to be repeated on Friday but we will not be showing it now.”

Today Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane said: “The world just got a lot less funny. Robin Williams is a tragic loss.”

RIP Robin Williams + News on death + Best moments compilation

RIP Robin Williams + News on death + Best moments compilation

Robin Williams movie poster 9pk set 1

Oscar-winning actor and comedian Robin Williams was found dead in an apparent suicide at his Northern California home Monday, law enforcement officials said. He was 63.

“He has been battling severe depression of late,” his media representative Mara Buxbaum said. “This is a tragic and sudden loss. The family respectfully asks for their privacy as they grieve during this very difficult time.”

Coroner investigators suspect “the death to be a suicide due to asphyxia,” according to a statement from the Marin County, Calif., Sheriff’s Office.

Williams married graphic designer Susan Schneider in Napa Valley ceremony in October 2011.

Schneider issued this statement:

“This morning, I lost my husband and my best friend, while the world lost one of its most beloved artists and beautiful human beings. I am utterly heartbroken.

“On behalf of Robin’s family, we are asking for privacy during our time of profound grief. As he is remembered, it is our hope the focus will not be on Robin’s death, but on the countless moments of joy and laughter he gave to millions.”

Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul gets first teaser trailer and air date

Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul gets first teaser trailer and air date

We really think AMC wasted their time and ours with a trailer this short but we are still very excited to watch the spin off to Breaking Bad.

Short clip, which aired over the weekend, shows Bob Odenkirk as Breaking Bad’s errant lawyer Saul Goodman in discussion with a client


It’s barely enough to satisfy the craving, but Breaking Bad fans have been given a small fix in the form of a nine-second teaser for forthcoming spinoff Better Call Saul.

The clip, which aired on AMC in the US over the weekend, shows Bob Odenkirk’s errant lawyer Saul Goodman addressing a client: “Lawyers, we’re like health insurance. You hope you never need it, but man oh man, not having it? No.” Keen Breaking Bad viewers will notice that Goodman’s hair has more thickness to it than usual.

In July, a billboard appeared in Albuquerque advertising the services of “James M McGill”, Goodman’s alter ego as a younger man. Callers to the number given could hear Odenkirk’s voice on an answerphone message.

The teaser clip ends with a promised air date of February 2015. The show will air on Netflix in the UK.

YG Hits a Fan From Stage in Edmonton, Canada Concert @ Encore Club (2 Videos)

YG Hits a Fan From Stage in Edmonton, Canada Concert @ Encore Club (2 Videos)


Footage Ensuing Riots
West Coast Rapper YG concert, Edmonton ( Alberta ). My Krazy Life tour Canada.
Yg concert lasted barely 20 mins then YG attacks a fan from stage.
Fan was angry because YG lost his voice (sore throat) at the very begining of the concert and went backstage.
YG lost his voice two songs into his set. Rather than own up to the fault, he first tried to get his DJ to raise the volume and mask his voice(as you can see in the video playing songs like “we dem boys” he doesn’t even relate to ). When that didn’t work, he resorted to throwing water bottles.

One of his fan was frustrated by his charade (not performing his own songs but instead playing other top songs and dancing around) so he started throwing ice cubes at him. YG scanned the crowed and when he figured out who was it he jumped right onto him from stage and punched the guy.
0:08 YG warned crowd don’t do it(don’t throw the ice cubes).
what else you can say Shit just got real.
after that errbody started tossing bottles or whatever was in their hand(ice,bowls,cans,water etc.)

YG also had fight with 4 guys in parking lot who were trying to break windows of his car.

I didn’t tape it all bc one of my friend fall victim to the flying bottle and blood was all over his face. We were dancing near to the stage and all the flying bottles were coming at us so we thought who cares for a damn video, protect your mf asses first lol.

Bickin Back Bein Booooeeedd lol