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Valenties Night Out feat DJ Sin (London, UK) & DJ Kathy Force (Moscow, Russia)


#Bangalore – Guess you are Bombay Hott Radio’s Valentine this year! Time to Shut down #BangTown … Get at me if you wanna come!


#DJSin (#LondonHottRadio)
#DJKathyForce (#Moscow #Russia)
#Guitarists #MikeAndChetan
@ Big Pitcher Bangalore 14th Feb 2015 – For Tickets call 08045530000

ImageMap of Big Pitcher

 Address: 4121/P, LR Arcade, Old Airport Road, HAL 2nd Stage, Kodihalli, Bangalore, Karnataka 560008, India


DJ Sin (London,UK)

  • Biggest Host and DJ on Bombay Hott Radio, London Hott Radio and Ibiza Hott Radio. 3 Radio Stations.
  • Headlined with Artists such as Akon in Mumbai, DJ Whoo Kid in Mumbai, Black Eyed Peas in London UK, Keith Murray in London UK, Busta Rhymes in Port Elizabeth South Africa, Asian Dub Foundation in Munich Germany, So Solid Crew in London, UK, Mr Cheeks in Mumbai, India, Akshay Kuamar in Pune India and much much more.
  • Produced and released a song with DR Dre’s Son Curtis Young.
  • Released music with many US artists like Mr Cheeks, Solomon Child and more.
  • Nominated for MTV Brand New 2014 in UK,
  • Played at the Palladium’s EXO for VH1 in Mumbai.
  • Tickered on VH1 India in May.
  • Played in Ibiza
  • played in London
  • Played in Germany,
  • Played in Kuala Lumpur
  • Played in Bangkok
  • Featured on Reggae Focus TV in UK

DJ Kathy Force (Moscow, Russia)

  • Her name – Energy, Her life – Motion, Her style – Individuality “SHE CAN ROCK YOUR MIND”
  • Bio
    Her name – Energy, Her life – Motion, Her style – IndividualityThis is a new project that is going to be a real club banger throughout the world of club music. For a long time She played in absolutely different cities, for absolutely different public in absolutely other worlds. However there was only one kind of music that played in their heart…Since 1997 Kathy has been doing music. She finished a music school majoring in a guitar faculty. Kathy went to a random party in 2005 after which she just fell in love with the club life. Since then she has started to prefer exceptionally high quality sound.

    She has learnt DJ skills in different studious as well as on some parties.
    For nearly 7 years now he has played for some of renowned clubs and party places over the Globe such as Russia / India / Spain , Finland and the list goes on….

    The most favourite style is TECH HOUSE , but DOUBLE TROUBLE also progressive house , retro (disco) and deep house
    Kathy is your drug, Helen is your addiction. Once you visited Her performance , you would not be able to miss it out next time ,because when Kathy is playing , she is trying to do her best so she can make you happy.

    The ambitions and charisma of FORCE will help to make the name for her selves on the country at large and Europe in the near future.
    she will open all the secrets of genuine club music. Only with her can dip into the in luscious luxury of neon light, leaving your worries and problem behind. We are your opium 🙂

India’s first Mars satellite ‘Mangalyaan’ enters orbit


India has successfully put a satellite into orbit around Mars, becoming the fourth country to do so.

The Mangalyaan robotic probe, one of the cheapest interplanetary missions ever, will soon begin work studying the Red Planet’s atmosphere.

A 24-minute engine burn slowed the probe down enough to allow it to be captured by Mars’ gravity.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the country had achieved the “near impossible”.

Speaking at the mission control centre in the southern city of Bangalore he said: “The odds were stacked against us. Of 51 missions attempted in world only 21 have succeeded. We have prevailed.”

Only the US, Europe and Russia have previously sent missions to Mars, but India is the first country to succeed on its first attempt.

The latest US satellite, Maven, arrived at Mars on Monday.

US space agency Nasa congratulated its Indian counterpart, the Indian Space and Research Organization (Isro), on Wednesday’s success.

“We congratulate @ISRO for its Mars arrival! @MarsOrbiter joins the missions studying the Red Planet,” the agency tweeted.

From early in the morning, there was an atmosphere of excitement and tension at the Indian Space Agency’s Mission Tracking Centre in Bangalore.

Scientists, many of them women and several of them young, were seated in front of their computer monitors tracking the progress of Mangalyaan.

Giant screens above their heads fed a steady stream of data, graphics and sequence of operations. The first whoops broke out when Mangalyaan successfully fired up its liquid engine, the first in a series of critical moves to make sure that the spacecraft was able to launch into the planet’s gravitational pull.

Then there was an agonising 20 minutes, when Mangalyaan disappeared behind Mars and beyond contact.

But there was no mistaking the moment, when the scientists all rose as one, cheered, clapped, hugged each other and exchanged high fives – ­ confirmation that Mangalyaan was now on an elliptical orbit around Mars.

After PM Modi’s congratulations, they poured out into the open and the bright sunlight, beaming as they took in the adulation.

“Thrilled to be a part of history,” one young scientist told me. “It’s like hitting a golf ball from Bangalore to London and getting it into the hole in one go,” deputy operations director, BN Ramkrishna said. “It’s got to be that precise.”


‘Better than cricket’

PM Narendra Modi: “We have dared to reach out into the unknown”

Mars Orbiter MissionA 24-minute engine burn slowed the probe down enough to allow it to be captured by Mars’ gravity

Mr Modi congratulated the scientists and said: “Today all of India should celebrate our scientists. Schools, colleges should applaud this.”

“If our cricket team wins a tournament, the nation celebrates. Our scientists’ achievement is greater,” he said.

The total cost of the Indian mission has been put at 4.5bn rupees ($74m; £45m), which makes it one of the cheapest interplanetary space missions ever. Nasa’s recent Maven mission cost $671m.

The Mangalyaan probe will now set about taking pictures of the planet and studying its atmosphere.

One key goal is to try to detect methane in the Martian air, which could be an indicator of biological activity at, or more likely just below, the surface.

Nasa has put four robot rovers on Mars since 1997 – the latest and biggest of them all, the one-tonne vehicle known as Curiosity, landed on the Red Planet in August 2012. Unlike Curiosity, the Indian probe will not land on Mars.

Mangalyaan – more formally referred to as Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) – was launched from the Sriharikota spaceport on the coast of the Bay of Bengal on 5 November 2013.

MOMMars Orbiter Mission (MOM) is one of the cheapest interplanetary missions ever undertaken
Source : BBC News

Book : I Wish I Can by Tarun Krishna

book (11)

I Wish I Can: Inspiration Comes from Within, Infinity and Beyond.
by Nissankara Rao Tarun Krishna

To Buy from Amazon link –>>

This book is a great read for anyone who wants to quit smoking. Its informative and is reality based and by a young writer who is 19 from Bangalore in India.


This book is a collection of connections, captured by those eyes of perception whose reality changed that very day he decided to quit smoking cigarettes. He started smoking when he was in high school, since then smoking became his most sought after addiction. He smoked day in and day out, but one fine day out of the blue moon he thought “Hey! What if I quit smoking for a few days?”

He set course for this journey of Fifteen days, where he recorded every single day of his feelings in a diary. All his withdrawal symptoms, all his divergent emotions, all his passion, his incentive of inspiration from God, Love, Compassion and Observations where he connected to every single soul in his vision with a realization that we all are one and their thoughts were his, as in his diary was captured the entire universe.

This diary worked as a charm for him, an ardent smoker once is now on his road to redemption. Not only smoking, but now his very perspective towards life has taken a turn, all he can see and visualize on the other side is happiness and happiness alone.

That guy is me, Tarun Krishna. This is my book, I WISH I CAN.


About Author :


N. Tarun Krishna is a nineteen year old teenager and an engineering student, with a vision for this world looking right through the windows of perception, where observations are duly connected with passion. Hence he keeps asking himself numerous amounts of questions, an answer to all those questions is this book I WISH I CAN. This book is nothing but for a collection of connections, that journey to the wilderness, established right amongst our presence. A fifteen day journey of life with a different perspective acquired alike a change in vision, journey of a nomad on the sands of time and addiction, where he battles it out on the grounds of affliction, withdrawal and abstinence. Observations were duly made and discernment was so crystal clear, fifteen days felt like almost a year. It all started falling into picture, the rapture of questions like, should I be exploring more space? Started taking its place right in my mind and I realized that life was just a little coin. There’s an other side to every situation, every demeaning condition, all we need is those eyes of perception, to see the truth and imbibe that reality.
This diary of truth is all about that reality, which the author imbibed during his fifteen day period of abstinence from smoking and recognized that only if we can connect to something bigger and better, an idea, a principle, a question that what is life without addictions? Is when we can start getting our most important answers.

Govt wants to extend Bangalore nightlife, cops wary


BANGALORE: The city may stop going to bed early. The state government is open to the idea of extending the 11pm deadline for nightlife to 1am.

The government plans to seek the opinion of all stakeholders and different sections of society before taking a decision. Asked about the government’s stance, chief minister Siddaramaiah said the government is seriously considering the proposal. “Many people have asked me to extend this deadline. Eminent people from the IT sector, like Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw and TV Mohandas Pai, also met me about this issue.”

Asked whether he’d set a timeline for implementing it, he declined to comment.

But it’s unlikely that champagne may flow beyond Cinderella hours, for police are firmly opposed to extending the deadline for bars. They want the extension to apply to eateries, but not to pubs and bars.

“I was informally told about the government’s deliberations to extend the deadline for bars and restaurants from 11pm to 1am. However, I haven’t received any official word. If the government decides to go ahead with an extension, it’s a policy matter, and it’ll be followed. But when the opinion of the city police commissioner is sought, I’ll express my reservations,” police commissioner Raghavendra H Auradkar told TOI.

“I’ll be happy to look at such a proposal if it comes to me,” he added.

Elaborating on the police position, Auradkar said over the past few years, the crime rate in Bangalore has come down. “If you look at crime at night, drunken brawls, including those leading to murder, are rampant. My force, already understaffed and overburdened, may have to deal with more such incidents, and the crime rate will go back to what it was earlier,” he explained.

Asked how cities like Mumbai and Chennai are managing late deadlines, he said: “We don’t have a police force as big as the ones in Mumbai or Chennai. Mumbai police officials did not want to extend their deadline on New Year’s eve fearing an increase in crime.”

Home minister KJ George admitted there’s both demand for and opposition to the proposal. “We will convene a meeting of all departments concerned, like the police, tourism and excise, and other stakeholders to discuss it. We’ll also convene a meeting of representatives from a cross-section of society, including media and resident welfare associations, to elicit their opinions. Based on the outcome, a decision will be taken.”

Times View

Extending the nightlife deadline in Bangalore has gotten reduced to a heated debate on keeping pubs and restaurants open till longer than the current 11.30pm cutoff. But that’s just one part of the story. Allowing all kinds of business establishments to stay open longer is a better argument as that puts more feet on the streets and makes the city safer than when only those looking for a late-night meal and drink are out. It also means that many other supplementary services like public transport have to also extend their timings. The authorities can start this experiment in the Central Business District and, based on the response, extend it to commercial centres of other areas.

Source: Times of India

Bangalore poised to be first anti-piracy / adulteration city in the world

Bangalore poised to be first anti-piracy / adulteration city in the world

satish banglore

Fiercely fearless, fighting terrorism that feeds on piracy and adulteration of consumable goods, M M Satish is distinguished by his daredevil approach to eradicate FAKE from the face of this planet, his latest mission, to turn Bangalore into the first piracy/ adulteration free city in the world. Founder of Global IPR Foundation, a four year old singular NGO of its kind across the world to combat piracy and adulteration of consumer products in the international market, M M Satish announces the Bangalore chapter that begins soon after the New Year celebrations begins to simmer in January 2014.

Bangalore, having been identified the first city world wide in the realm of IT and the first in the country with lavish green parks is all set to take up the challenge along with its new mentor M M Satish. With the Karnataka State’s Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah, convinced about Satish’s vision and giving his consent and extending full co-operation, a committee is to be formed in January, roping in all ministries that are concerned with the human cause. Also on the panel will be a member of Global IPR Foundation to ensure the successful realization of the mission. With this latest feat and another feather in his cap, MM Satish opens the Bangalore chapter, running a full fledged office from there, a wing of Global IPR Foundation initially founded in Mumbai four years ago.

The foundation is proud to have Ms Bhavya Gauda, Miss Earth 2010, as the appointed Brand Ambassador for Global IPR Foundation. Miss Bhavya Gauda happens to be an educationalist, running schools and colleges in Bangalore city, other than having won many other pageants in India as well as Europe. Satish feels having her on board makes many of the NGO’s efforts a success as the public, especially the youth, can relate to her.

The mission aims to bring about awareness amongst the general public by educating them about the risks of piracy and adulterated consumable products like milk products, medicines, soft drinks, alcohol to even drinking water etc that can be life threatening. The messages are conveyed without preaching but educating the masses through various available means as planning events that involve public participation, rallies, music and cultural events, fashion shows, using publicity and media to communicate to the masses at large and leaving the choice to them…. “To have PURE and live healthy and long…. Or die young enjoying FAKE under ignorance!!” M M Satish, through his campaigns, brings to the notice of the ignorant public how piracy and adulteration of goods has been funding terrorism in the country and appeals to the youth, the future of the nation, to be more aware and involved in this mission to wipe out all that spells fake from the market, ensuring safe and healthy human lives. In a country that voices slogans, “Jai Jawaan…Jai Kisaan”, appalling facts are revealed by Satish how the army is supplied outdated consumable items that have long expired. If this does not shake the nation, then what does? Shock is not enough here!

Keeping this in mind, Satish has advised the Karnataka government to implement laws that are stringent as ruling piracy and adulteration of goods to be a non- bailable offense. And, to ensure no infiltration still happens in imports of goods, making a law that finds anyone stocking or selling outdated products in the market as a crime parallel to that of murder with a lifetime sentence or death penalty.

With a career spanning over two decades, and fighting against piracy with passion and determination for more than 14 years, M M Satish has been bestowed upon with many prestigious awards, Rashtriya Rajiv Gandhi Achievement Award 2010-2011 being the latest feather in his cap that created overnight sensation to his own persona as well as brought his organization to limelight. The organization was honored and applauded by the Mayor of West Coast, Australia, Tom Tate, on its third anniversary at Mumbai’s ‘The F Bar’.

Beginning as a Protocol Officer for the Asian Games in 1982, to the present day, M. M. Satish has built his impressive resume through a series of concrete results, each of which have had profound impact cutting across various industries as Food Industry, Advertising and Public Relations, Aviation, Media and Entertainment, Event Management and more.

M M Satish’s competence came as a revelation to the general public when he led the famous anti-piracy movement as the first Director Operations of the Indian Music Industry. His raids on pirated music, resulting in a catch worth Rs. 7 Crores, became the largest seizure ever in this segment.  The potential to do different things and the ability to deliver was recognized by none other than the United States. He was invited to Washington D.C. on an exchange program, where experts in the I.P.R. approached M. M. Satish for an official appointment to help enhance antipiracy operations in America.

In continuation with his anti-piracy tirade, Mr. M. M. Satish launched another path breaking concept for the Indian Music Industry, the Mobile Music Station “MMS”, which was the first ever successful attempt to deliver non-pirated music to the masses, at their doorstep. At the same time, he was the promoter of the most exciting marketing concept “Fortune Stampz,” which was the first ever professionally branded promotional gift scheme in the world. It has been insured against any tampering which has come to stay for a long run.

In the year 2004, he took over as the President of T-series (Super Cassettes Industries Ltd.). He launched the license division of T-series Public Performance License (TPPL), which was a phenomenal success. The campaign not only focused on music per se but also mobile ring tones, which was very popular at that time.

Satish was responsible for the biggest raids in history of the music industry. For his achievements, he won several awards in India and overseas. First, he received the Anti-piracy Crusader of India during the Sahara Sangeet Awards (2005) in the US and later, the Anti-piracy Campaigner Award (2006) from the Minister of Textiles Shri Shankar Singh Waghela at Royal Ahar, Ficci award function in New Delhi. The following year, he was recognized by the Lions Club of India Gold Awards for his excellence in anti-piracy (2007). He was also appointed as the Member Task Force for the Ministry of Food Processing Industries Govt. of India in New Delhi.

As of the moment, his greatest venture is the “Global IPR Foundation” which is dedicated to eradicate piracy and adulteration, targeting Bangalore as the proud ‘piracy/ adulteration free’ city in the world. It is the first NGO of its kind in the world to fight piracy across section of goods in the market. The NGO believes that fake products can put your life at stake. The organization created the I Hate Fake”movement to reach out to the future leaders of today, the Youth, to make some noise, create a change, and stop supporting this illegal market of pirated products. The team believes that fake products other than being life threatening, destabilize the world economy and finance terrorism attacks, and the youth should take action by joining the I Hate Fake Movement and its activities.

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