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Daz Dillinger: Michel’le F***ed Up Death Row, 2Pac, Dr Dre, Suge Knight


Legendary rapper and producer Daz Dillinger has been crafting Hip-Hop classics since the genre’s Golden Era. This section of his exclusive VladTV interview covers a range of topics, including what it was like to work with 2Pac, what he believes made Dr. Dre leave Death Row, and how a rumored hook up between Death Row artists may have led to the label’s demise.

Upon ‘Pac’s release from prison, Daz already had five tracks awaiting the iconic MC with supplementary hooks. The Long Beach rapper then revealed that the first track that Tupac jumped on would eventually become “Ambitions Az A Ridah,” which was inspired by Snoop’s “Stranded on Death Row.”

As the exchange illuminated Daz’s great insight into the Death Row imprint, Dr. Dre soon became the topic of the discussion, with Daz offering his perspective as to why the good doctor ultimately left the label. Tha Dogg Pound member said, “My thing was why Dr. Dre left, you probably aught to ask Michel’le. She’s probably the big cause of it.” He then waved away the comment while saying he’s not trying to start any trouble.

Watch the full clip to hear Daz Dillinger explain his thoughts on alleged romances that Michel’le may have had with Death Row members and more

Below is the footage Daz was talking about with 2Pac and Michel’le >>>>>>

2Pac in the studio recording the song he wrote for MC Hammer “Too Tight” he is in the studio with Producer Johnny J, Papa G, Michel’le, and Nanci Fletcher singing the chorus. i dont know who the other dude on the panel is nor the one in the background. song has not been released and this is all that has leaked to my knowledge. pretty cool considering it is studio footage.

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