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Artist Spotlight – PrettyBlaXX (New York)

Catch PrettyBlaXX interviewed by Oh Lovely of the Sweetest Taboo Show Next week on His new single “PUT YOUR HANDS UP” on the HottList on London Hott Radio and Bombay Hott Radio.prettyblaxx

In 1987, Prettyblaxx was born in Nigeria as Marcus Oyelola. His fathe moved to Detriot, in America During 1992, Later on in 1993 his father brought Prettyblaxx, Prettyblaxx’s brother, sister and mother to the United States. Prettyblaxx attend elementary school at Baylor Woodson Elementry School in Inkster, Michigan all the way up to 5th grade. Around 1999, Prettyblaxx mother and his sibling again joined his father in New York where he reside at the time. Now Prettyblaxx was living in New York he was around artist and musicial talents, he was able to express himself and practice on his talents and skills. As an youth in school, Prettyblaxx took advance classes and was brighten but by 8th grade he caught on to the street and become business driven after making raw cash from the streets.

Prettyblaxx so started sharpen his rap and song making skillz. In 2012 he graduated the Institution of audio research school in manhattan. Attending I.A.R made Prettyblaxx interested in producing, beat making, and engineering adding to his song writing capabilities. He make beats, engineer, and mixdown tracks, his work consist of catchy hooks, sweet delivery while providing a entertaining flow on each creative verse Prettyblaxx is an influential type of person. He believe he can motivate people through his music key he believe the key is to motivation And prettyblaxx is here to bring important fact to your awareness. All while droppin club banger.Prettyblaxx work ethic is his first coach, his main focus to bring to his experiences to his fans as he grow and as his business grows also. Is to empower the people.


Pretty Blaxx – Heart Of A G (Directed By Doggie Diamonds)

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