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Month: July 2015

Rick Ross going to prison, Drake offered 5 million for Meek Mill contract before the “Beef”


We all know Rick Ross is going to have a hard time beating this up coming kidnapping case that he is facing. The MMG boss is currently out jail on 2 million dollars bail waiting for his court date. What does that mean for the future of MMG? Well if you been online online over the last few days you will know Meek Mill is beefing with Drake. At first most people thought it was because Drake had sex with Nicki Minaj but as of today that has not been confirmed. Others have reported the Meek Mill beef is the work of Jay-Z to get Drake to get down with Tidal. We have officially learned the reason for the Drake Meek Mill beef.

Couple days after Rick Ross was released from jail on bail he started making calls to other labels to sell the contracts of his artist especially Meek Mill. Rick Ross is looking for an easy payout to get his cash up before he starts facing this court process to fight the charges against him. This process was meant to be exclusively to record label executives until Drake got wind of the contract offers. Drake immediately contacted Rick Ross with interest in buying out Meek Mill contract and signing him to OVO Sound. Jay-Z also has interest in the Meek Mill contract that’s why the information about the ghost writer was released. You can read the Jay-Z Tidal Story here on our site.

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WTF? This Girl Is Going Viral After Sharing Her Thoughts On ‘Radical Islamists’

This Girl Is Going Viral After Sharing Her Thoughts On ‘Radical Islamists’



Before stumbling across this video, I had never heard about YouTube channel ‘On Point with Tomi Lahren’, but like myself, plenty of people are currently discovering it.

It’s mainly due to the girl in question, Tomi Lahren, and her ‘Red, White, Blue & Unfiltered’ thoughts on current affairs, and in this case specifically, ‘radical Islamists’ – a subject that fueled her latest rant and helped her rack up over 300,000 views in a very short space of time.

Obviously, it doesn’t take a genius to understand that an attractive young blonde woman discussing a controversial topic like this one is going to rack up some serious views, but Lahren in particular doesn’t hold back, and she has got everybody talking…

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