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Month: April 2014

Wu Disciples Unite for Once Upon a Time in Shaolin


Wu Tang will release ONE COPY (1) of a double CD “Once Upon A Time In Shaolin” to the highest bidder. WU DISCIPLES will raise the money, win the bid and will share and give the music away for FREE.

“As reported by Times, Forbes and CNN, Once Upon A Time In Shaolin will be encased in a silver and nickel box crafted by British-Moroccan artist Yahya and will sell for millions of dollars. However, before it is sold, the one-of-a-kind album will tour the world as many other famous pieces of art do, with stops at museums, galleries, and potentially music festivals. Fans will be pay a cost between $40 to $60 to attend a “listening event,” where they’ll get a chance to hear the album on headphones after being carefully screened for recording materials.” Not all of us will have that privilege. WU DISCIPLES WORLDWIDE WILL raise the money need it to buy this album and then turn around and give it away for FREE. This is the ONLY way we can get the album and a museum who will store it as an exhibit for ver. As the founder of this group I pledge to not keep a single penny of the money raised. Every cent will be bid to win the album. If we don’t get it then we will fund wu tang to make an exclusive album for US the fans.

The risk is some Museum will own it forever and the music will never be heard.
If we can not win the bid or reach our goal WU DISCIPLES will fund WU TANG CLAN to make an album and distributed to the world for FREE. Either way we WIN, WIN , WIN.


Hungry Snake Picked The Wrong Dinner

by Justine Alford


Researchers on Golem Grad Island, Macedonia, stumbled upon a rather intriguing and wholly disgusting find whilst looking for snakes –  a dead young viper with the head of a huge centipede protruding through its body. What a way to go! The report has been briefly described in the journal Ecologica Montenegrina.

Nose-horned vipers (Vipera ammodytes) are venomous snakes found in southern Europe, the Balkans and certain parts of the Middle East. They can grow up to 95 centimeters and possess a characteristic “horn” on the snout, hence the name. They’re also considered to be the most dangerous European viper because their venom is highly toxic, but they’re a pretty docile species that tend to only bite when provoked.

Adult nose-horned vipers usually feed on lizards, smaller snakes and rabbits on Golem Grad, whilst the juveniles eat lizards and a particular species of centipede, the Megarian banded centipede (Scolopendra cingulata). It is not uncommon for snakes to consume potentially dangerous prey, and there have been numerous reports of death due to them “biting off more than they can chew”. Although, as mentioned, these vipers are known to eat this particular species of centipede, it seems that this cocky snake may have underestimated his dinner this time.

S. cingulata can be pretty savage killers themselves; they’re opportunistic carnivores and will eat almost anything that’s not larger than themselves. The authors of the paper note that it’s exceedingly difficult to kill a full-grown Scolopendra. Some people even keep these creepy crawlies as pets. Each to their own I suppose.

The team measured the viper and the centipede; the centipede was found to be 84% of the viper’s trunk length, 112% of its body width and 114% of its body weight. This isn’t hugely impressive compared to the size of animals that snakes have been found to consume previously. But what is interesting/disgusting is that upon dissection, the snake was missing all of its visceral organs- the centipede was occupying the entire volume of the snake’s body. They think it’s possible that the snake swallowed the centipede alive, but the centipede ate its way through the snake in an attempt of freedom, bursting its way through the snake’s abdomen (I am going to have nightmares now…). But unfortunately the poor little guy didn’t make it and died inside the snake with his head poking out. So close… Yet so far…

If you’re scarred for life from reading this, have some emergency comedy of a rare bird humping a photographer’s head.

Source : I Fucking Love Science

10 Things That Indians Need To Stop Doing In Goa

goa (1)


Anisha Ralhan
Anisha Ralhan

India’s cheap version of Thailand, Goa for ages has been the prison break we need in our lives. The sultry beaches, the sizzling food, the smashing babes. All of this, infuses us with Duracell rabbit like energy to party all night to wake up feeling like Bradley Cooper from Hangover, next morning. While it scores ten on ten on fun, beauty and debauchery, it’s not entirely devoid of eyesores. Here’s a list of must don’ts you might wanna pack in your bagpack if you’re planning a trip to Goa.

Disclaimer, keeping them in mind may or may not get you laid, but it will up your coolness, I promise.


1. Flashing Rupa underwear and Banyaan.

Admit it guys, you look nothing like this while coming out of the sea.


2.Wearing bridal make up and jewelry to the beach.

Agreed darling, you just got married but do you really think the red flowers on your swimsuit match with your red bangles.


3. Walking up to women on the beach with fraandship requests.

Honestly, It’s creepier to hear “Hey wanna a nice company to party” in person.


4. Couples on the beach, posing like Jack and Rose from Titanic.

Give us a break, it’s not 1997 folks.


5. Drunk, I-don’t- know- where -we- are- going -or- who- we- will- run -over -now-driving.

Be a serial kisser, not a serial killer.


6.  Speaking in queer accent to pick up foreigners.

Each time I hear an Indian boy say “Whar yoo from?” I just feel like telling him”Can you please repeat this in English”.


7. Imposing trance music on anything that moves.

I feel like slapping every bloke who thinks Goa is fun only for trance lovers.


8. Bragging about their amazing alcohol capacity.

Big deal, if you develop a live-in relationship with beer in Goa, you will probably die of liver failure before you turn 40.


9. People please spare us your Goa: Fun in the sun album where you have tagged all the food you ate there.

Let’s take a minute to remind ourselves that Goa isn’t Miami and we aren’t in the 90’s.


10. Guys clicking pictures of semi-clad women behind their sunglasses.

You really that that trick goes unnoticed?

Source: ScoopWhoop

This Invention From India Is Going to Change The Way We Live Forever!

Rohildev from Kerala, is the creator of this unique invention called Fin and it could revolutionize the way we interact with technology. His crowd funding  initiative for his project was an overwhelming success and managed to raise over $200,000 USD from over 2000 people to fine tune and develop this amazing invention.


With voice calling, Android 4.2.2, 3G, Dual SIM & more. Know more! In case you have been living under a rock, Kerala, India-based creator Rohildev has come up with a unique invention called Fin that looks to revolutionize the way we interact with technology. Now, there are reports that the device is experiencing great response from fans with a big number of pre-orders also complimenting its popularity. Developed by Kerala-based Rohildev, 23, the device has just managed to conclude an extremely successful campaign on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.

Fin is basically a tiny hardware product that users can wear on their thumbs as a ring. The ring will then convert the user’s whole palm into a gesture interface. The project has already raised about $200,000 from some 1,600 people around the world who have already pre-ordered the product. Previous to this, Fin’s initial target for the project was to raise $100,000. However, back in mid-February when it found that its target was getting accomplished faster than expected, the campaign’s deadline was extended to March 9, and this resulted in the doubling of its monetary collections. Recommended: Top 10 Best Smartphones To Buy In India Under Rs 40,000 Fin, which is worn as a ring on the thumb, is made up of sensors that can diversely recognize each segment (phalange) of the fingers. It also has Bluetooth connectivity that can be used to link Fin to other devices like smartphones, TVs or other similar wearable device. What this means is that now users can assign different functions to each finger segment, while also having the ability to perform a function by just making the thumb touch the segment in question. As of now, this is just the second such Indian startup to have experienced a great backing via a crowdfunding platform in recent times. Last year, Gecko, a coin-sized electronic device, offering a host of uses, was developed and marketed by a Bangalore startup. The project raised orders worth $135,485, which was more than double the previously set target of $50,000.

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